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Pricing and Costs of Dialysis Equipment and Supplies

Terri Deno

Choose the least expensive dialysis equipment manufacturer for your needs

Dialysis equipment and and supplies are very important medical machines for people who suffer from kidney problems.

The dialysis equipment and supplies work in place of the kidneys, cleaning the blood of unwanted waste products. The patient using the machine must sit connected to it for about three to four hours a day, either at home or in the hospital.

The pricing and costs of dialysis equipment and supplies will depend on a few factors. In many cases, the supplies you can purchase will be limited by the type of dialysis machine you have. Some other factors include:

  1. Whether you choose to buy new or used dialysis equipment.
  2. The cost of hiring a technician to assist with using the equipment
  3. The additional costs of replacing the dialysis medical supplies needed for each treatment.

Save money with used dialysis equipment

Many used medical machines are sold at a fraction of the original cost and still work like new. This is where you can find many great deals. A new machine can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. You can find used equipment priced at $7,000 and below.

Choose quality dialysis supplies for your dialysis machine

While a working machine is the key component in the dialysis process, you will also need to keep fresh dialysis supplies on hand so you can use the machine hygienically. Reusing supplies like catheters, syringes, or tubing can be very dangerous and lead to infection. But most dialysis supplies cost between $10 to $35 for items such as bandages, antiseptic, tubing and other products.

Consider dialysis medical supplies provided by wholesalers

To save money and still get the quality supplies needed for dialysis treatment, consider purchasing products through a medical wholesaler. Most wholesalers offer 10 to 40 percent or more off the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

  • Remember to ask your dialysis machine manufacturer or distributor which dialysis products work with the model. This will help you find the parts you need to safely operate the machine.
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