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Pricing and Costs of Doughnut Equipment

J.R. Glass

Set a budget to purchase donut making equipment

Doughnut equipment is key to running a successful doughnut shop. The pricing and costs of doughnut equipment depends on the amount of equipment you need to purchase. A new shop needs to budget a significant amount of money towards the purchase of doughnut making machines and other accessories. Businesses that are replacing old equipment need a much smaller budget, as they can replace equipment piece by piece.

A smooth running doughnut shop requires several pieces of equipment. Some critical pieces of doughnut making equipment include fryers, droppers, proofers and glazing tables. As you create a budget for doughnut shop equipment, consider the following:

1. Find pricing information for donut machines.

2. Figure the cost of proofers into your doughnut equipment budget.

3. Include doughnut glazing tables in your doughnut making equipment.

Get prices for doughnut machines

Doughnut fryers, which start at prices around $6,000, are one of the larger expenses for a doughnut shop. There are several types of doughnut fryers to choose from. You can find fryers in sizes small enough to fit on a counter top and large enough to require several feet of space. Doughnut machines produce varying amounts of doughnuts per hour with some machines producing as many as 230 dozen doughnuts per hour.

Include the cost of proofers in your doughnut equipment budget

Manufacturers design doughnut proofers to set beside the fryers for easy loading and unloading of doughnuts. Proofers use insulation to reduce heat loss. This piece of equipment can be the most expensive piece you purchase for your shop. A large doughnut proofer will cost upwards of $13,000, while a very small proofer will cost around $2,500.

Include the cost of glazing tables in your doughnut equipment budget

Doughnut glazing tables are another piece of critical equipment for a doughnut shop. Glazing tables come in different sizes and have options on the number of tray slots and glazing pans. Budget at least $1,200 for a small table and over $3,400 for one with more options.

  • Look into purchasing used doughnut equipment to cut costs drastically. Used equipment can cost up to 50% less than new equipment.
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J.R. Glass