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Pricing and Costs of Drinking Fountains

Thomas Langford

Quench your thirst for a good deal on drinking fountains

If you're renovating or constructing a public building or space, chances are you're thinking about putting in drinking fountains. Drinking fountains come in a seemingly endless array of sizes, styles and colors. These days, most are built to be handicapped accessible and some have smaller fountains attached to them for kids. You can even buy a drinking fountain for pets.

This guide will help you figure out how much to budget for your drinking fountains and find drinking fountain providers. But before learning more about the pricing and costs of Drinking Fountains, take a moment to decide if you want to purchase:

1. Indoor drinking fountains;

2. Outdoor drinking fountains;

3. Or unique drinking fountains.

Purchase indoor drinking fountains

Indoor drinking fountains come in several styles, including wall mounted, free standing and recessed. In general, prices for an indoor water fountain run between $500 and $1500, not including installation. However, you can save money and maintenance by purchasing a nonrefrigerated drinking fountain.

Purchase outdoor drinking fountains

If your project includes an outdoor space, such as a park, adding an outdoor drinking fountain can be a nice touch. An outdoor drinking fountain gives people another reason to visit the space, linger and enjoy. An outdoor fountain will generally cost you around $1,000, with freeze-resistant models selling for about double.

Purchase unique drinking fountains

You don't have to install a standard drinking fountain on your project. Instead, you can make an artistic statement by installing a creatively styled drinking fountain. These types of drinking fountains typically cost a bit more, with some as expensive as $4,000. But in return, they will standout and attract positive attention.
  • When purchasing drinking fountains that will be located in a public area, make sure that they are vandal resistant, especially if the drinking fountains will be located outside.
  • If you are purchasing a large number of drinking water fountains, call the distributor directly. You may be able to get a volume discount or have the shipping costs reduced.
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Thomas Langford