Pricing and Costs of Government Consultants

By Kristen McClung, writer
May 31, 2010
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Choose the right government consulting firm for your business at the right price

Government consultants offer businesses and agencies a wealth of valuable tools and information. From studying relevant topics to recommending strategic solutions, government consulting firms bring unparalleled insights and expertise to propel your company's success.

While some government consulting companies help businesses navigate the complex world of government regulations and policies, other government relations consultants focus on providing project-based services directly to governmental agencies. Just as the government consulting services vary, so do the pricing and costs of government consultants. Before you select a government consultant, evaluate each firm's capabilities and pricing structure, including:

1. What is a competitive price for a government or federal consultant in your geographic area?

2. How do billable hours work, and will an hourly government policy consultants contract financially benefit your business?

3. How much do political consulting firms charge for retainer services, and how will a retainer contract impact pricing and costs of government consultants?

Select local or federal government consulting firms that offer competitive prices

Pricing and costs of government consulting companies vary depending on your geographic region. In general, government contract consultants services will be more expensive in a metropolitan area than in a suburban or rural area. The billing expenses for consulting for government can range from $1,000 to more than $100,000 per month depending upon the scope and complexity of the service contract.

Choose hourly billing for short-term or project-based government relations consultants contracts

Billable hours is a popular pricing structure in government consulting. Billable hours are calculated by the number of hours needed to complete a project based on the government consultant's billing rate, typically ranging from $50 to $200 an hour. Be sure to dictate a maximum monthly fee in your government consulting contract.

Select retainer billing for long-term government contract consultants relationships

A retainer approach is a smart strategy to budget for the pricing and costs of government consultants. Once the government consulting firm and your business have determined your consulting needs, the government consulting agency calculates a monthly fee. With a retainer, your business knows what to expect each month; but be aware that a retainer may limit the time your government consulting firm can spend on your account each month.

  • Before you sign a contract with government consultants, make sure your contract includes a 60-day cancellation clause. The cancellation clause is important in the event you aren't satisfied with your government consulting services.
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