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Pricing and Costs of Intercom Systems

Terri Deno

Choose cost-effective intercom systems for your business

Intercom systems are a convenient way to interact with coworkers throughout the workplace. Intercom modules placed strategic locations throughout the office or warehouse are hooked up to one another to create an intercom system. This allows people in large buildings to communicate easily when telephones and computers are not readily available.

The pricing and costs of intercom systems are first determined by the type of system you want to set up. Wireless intercom systems for homes will be cheaper than business solutions, for example, because there will be fewer receivers in a home setting. Other factors that determine cost include:

1. How many units are connected to the network.

2. What type of master controls the system has.

3. Additional features you wish add to your intercom solutions.

Consider business wireless intercom systems for the office

If your business is located in a large building, or just has offices that are spread out, it may be more convenient to install an intercom system in the office for faster communication between coworkers. Business intercom systems cost $200 to $700, depending on the features you choose and how many modules you want to set up. Extra features can include paging options, better volume controls and power options. A simple two module setup will range between $200 to $300, not including installation.

Purchase industrial wireless intercom systems for warehouses and other industrial settings

An intercom system in an industrial setting needs to be durable and have features that can help workers hear or see when the intercom is working, even if there are loud noises all around. Some industrial intercom models have lights as well as speakers with adjustable volume for this purpose. Industrial models cost $750 to $1000.

Choose window intercoms to better serve customers

Window intercoms are easily recognizable, as these types of systems are used for movie theaters, racetracks, sporting events and other ticket venues. The intercom piece itself costs $500 to $600. You will also have to purchase required accessories for certain systems, which can add $150 to $200 to the total price.
  • If you are unsure about which intercom system will benefit your business the most, hire a consultant to check out the workplace and help you determine your needs.
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Terri Deno