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The pricing and costs of label printing depend on how your business decides to have its labels printed. For the highest level of ...

The pricing and costs of label printing depend on how your business decides to have its labels printed. For the highest level of professionalism, it's probably wisest to outsource the job to label printing services. On the other hand, you can purchase custom label printers and perform the task yourself. Label printers may be expensive investments at the outset, but can reduce costs over the long run compared to sending business to label printing companies.

Whether you need CD or DVD labels, or labels to adorn product packaging, you can find printers or online label printing services to meet your needs in a range of prices. This guide offers a look at the costs of various options, including:

  1. Finding label printer companies to create your labels for you
  2. Purchasing a custom label printer
  3. Covering business label printing needs

Turn to label printing services for custom labels

Label printing services can specialize the look of CDs, DVDs, product packaging, or stickers to help promote your business. The more labels you order, the lower the price per label. CD and DVD labels start around $3 to $5 for a single professionally printed label, but cost far less than $1 per disc for orders in the thousands. Digital label printing is a cheaper solution than traditional flexographic printing for standard labels and stickers.

Save money when you print labels with your own custom equipment

Whether you're printing business labels for files, folders, documents, or printing colorful graphics for product packaging, you can buy custom label printing equipment and accomplish everything in-house. Custom color label printers can range from just over $1000 for smaller, lower-production runs, up to nearly $20,000 for industrial strength equipment.

Buy business label printers for specialty needs

Label printers are useful for taking care of notices or warnings around your workplace. Printers specifically designed to create bar codes, receipts, or workplace signs can help improve safety and productivity for your business. Thermal printers have a starting cost around $1000, but for higher performance or more industrial needs, can cost multiple thousands per model.
  • When figuring the cost of label printing, be sure to factor in the pricing of supplies, including ink, paper, print heads and service.

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