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Pricing and Costs of Mannequins

Terri Deno

Choose affordable mannequins to create a great retail mannequin display

Mannequins are a staple of any retail store. These modeled statues are the perfect way to showcase new fashions and trends. Many stores like to use mannequins that look as realistic as possible, complete with arms, legs and faces. This draws customers in and gives them a better sense of how the clothes would look on a real person. Because mannequins draw so much attention, it is important to have at least a few displayed in the window, as well as throughout the retail space.

Display mannequins can cost anywhere from $50 to $500, depending on the material used to make them and how realistic they look. But if you are satisfied with different styles of mannequins that are little more abstract, you can save a lot of money. Other ways to save money with mannequins include:

1. Purchasing used mannequins for your store display.

2. Using partial mannequins, such as only the torso and up.

3. Buying less realistic mannequins.

Purchase used mannequins to save money

The best deal on window mannequins for a smaller business is to purchase used mannequins. You can find many places that sell used mannequins that still look practically new. But you will have to be careful to buy from reputable sources so that you don't end up with mannequins that have noticeable chips or breaks.

Consider abstract mannequin forms

Mannequin forms that look a lot less like a real person can be a cost-saving option for retailers. Headless mannequins, or those without arms or legs, usually run about $100 cheaper than full mannequins. The great thing about abstract forms are that they can still properly showcase your fashions.

Choose mannequin suppliers that offer replacement parts

If you decide to make a large investment into the best mannequins on the market, you should look for suppliers that can provide you with replacement parts should something break during a move. It will be much cheaper to replace an arm than to replace the whole female mannequin.

  • When comparing pricing and costs of mannequins, make sure to look at the mannequin's material composition. Choose materials that can withstand bumps and dents without ruining the form.
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Terri Deno