Pricing and Costs of Meat and Poultry Equipment / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Choosing the most efficient chicken processing equipment and meat processing equipment is a must for your business. New equipment can ...

Choosing the most efficient chicken processing equipment and meat processing equipment is a must for your business. New equipment can cost into the thousands. Broilers alone range from $1,899 to $,. Have equipment that is efficient yet cost effective. Provide your customers with the most hygienic and quality meats there is. Whether it's through your restaurant that you require a meat processing machine or you run a chicken processing plant, plan your budget to access meat equipment that is a financially sound investment.

There is a vast variety of meat processing machinery to choose from. From chicken processing equipment such as thermal care cooling equipment and plant circulating systems to meat grinders and vacuum fillers for meat processing. Utilize your budget to its fullest by shopping for used and wholesale equipment. Consider leasing or used equipment and always check specials when searching for meat processing machines.

1. Purchase used equipment to save on your budget

2. Utilize specials and deals on meat processing equipment

3. Repair existing equipment with parts and service companies

Consider purchasing used poultry equipment to save money

Purchase used equipment to have more expenditures for other necessary items. Savings run approximately $1,000 to $3,000 for used equipment and can be even higher depending on the meat processing equipment you choose. Demo units can help on costs substantially. A used accumulation table can run $10,000 but the same table that was a demo unit is under $2,000 and is a larger table.

Check out sales and specials when considering pricing and costs of meat and poultry equipment

When choosing meat market equipment and poultry machines, inquire about sales and special price offers to save on your meat processing equipment budget. Sales can save thousands of dollars when purchasing new equipment.

Consider repairing your existing meat processing machines to save on large purchase prices

Save on the prices and costs of meat and poultry equipment when you repair your existing equipment. Save thousands when repairing your expensive meat processing equipment. When purchasing new equipment, figure repair costs and part prices into your long-term budget.
  • Compare regional and national companies to get the lowest priced option on new meat processing equipment.

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