Pricing and Costs of Performance Appraisal Software / HR Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

With performance appraisals, the question you must answer isn't whether or not you should invest in performance review software; ...

With performance appraisals, the question you must answer isn't whether or not you should invest in performance review software; consider that a given. Instead, ask yourself what are the most important aspects of any software you might purchase. Determine your criteria before you set out to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on software.

While performance appraisal software might eat up a chunk of your budget, the right software for your company will ultimately help you grow more productive and gain more time for you and your supervisors to perform other core business tasks. As you consider the pricing and costs of performance appraisal software available, take into account the following:

1. Look for employee appraisal software that includes all the features you need and can get within your price range.

2. Check out technical support plan pricing before purchasing employee performance appraisal software.

3. Identify whether using web-based performance appraisal writing software or purchasing performance and review software will better accommodate your situation and your budget.

Get all the features with a performance appraisal system you can afford

You can find software as basic or complex as you need, with a few features or all-in-one packages. Lots of software for performance reviews may give you more than you need if you only have a few employees and could cost more than it might be worth to you.

Evaluate the benefit of tech support for employee review software

Depending on the complexity of the employee performance solution you choose, you may decide you don't need to spend an inordinate amount of money on a support plan.

Compare costs of a web based performance appraisal system with purchasing employee review software

One difference encountered between web-based systems and software you purchase occurs in the pricing. You pay one lump sum for software you buy, while you may pay either a monthly or annual subscription fee for web-based systems. The number of employees in your organization or the number of employees with access to the system will often dictate the annual or monthly fee you pay.
  • Ensure you make a worthwhile investment in your employee performance evaluation software by taking advantage of free trials and online product demos. These will help you determine ease of use and generally confirm that you're getting what you pay for.

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