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Pricing and Costs of Polyurethane Foam

Terri Deno

Find cost-effective polyurethane foam insulation

Polyurethane foam is a popular product and has many uses throughout a variety of industries.

It may be used for anything from basic packing foam to bedding; there's even structural foam for vehicle bodies. But most commonly, polyurethane foam suppliers sell polyurethane foam sheets for insulation. A good polyurethane foam supplier will be able to help you decide which type is best for your job.

Polyurethane foam may be used as insulation for walls in residential and commercial buildings. Many commercial and industrial buildings also use polyurethane spray foam as a flooring solution. The pricing and costs of polyurethane foam will depend on many factors, some of which include:

1. The composition of the polyurethane foam.

2. The type of foam you purchase: spray, sheets, etc.

3. The additional cost of installation, if necessary.

Consider flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers for more versatility

Polyurethane foam can be found in many everyday products. Some items made from flexible polyurethane foam include furniture, bedding and carpeting. Flexible polyurethane foam costs $30 to $35 for around 53 ounces in liquid form.

Buy polyurethane foam sheets for wall insulation

Polyurethane is a standard insulation material in many climates. The foam sheets are usually placed on the outside walls of a building, just under the siding. This prevents the transfer of heat and cold into the building and can save on energy costs throughout the year. Foam sheets cost $80 to $165; the thicker the sheet, the more you can expect to pay.

Choose polyurethane foam suppliers that offer installation and molding services

Because polyurethane can be used to build many different products, many suppliers offer molding and installation services. This will cost more money initially, but it guarantees proper installation. Polyurethane can cost about $25 to $40 according to the size of the insulation package. Installation can be an additional $10 to $20 per hour of work.

  • If you are unsure whether to choose spray polyurethane foam or foam in sheets, a polyurethane foam installation expert can advise you on what type of foam works best.
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Terri Deno