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Pricing and Costs of Proxy Servers

Lori Carver

Determine the cost of using a proxy server company

Pricing and costs of proxy servers depends on what service you want from the company. Free proxy server companies exist but they may not prove reliable. Anonymous proxy servers may cost a bit more than companies that simply act as a go-between for your business and the Internet.

Decide if you want web proxy servers service or if you prefer to connect to your proxy with software. Look at the following when determining pricing and costs of proxy servers:

1. Use free proxy sites with caution.

2. Choose proxy server software to connect to the Internet.

3. Find anonymous proxy software costs and protect your sensitive data.

Select free proxy servers and save

Free proxy servers allow you to connect to the Internet through their service at no charge to your business. Choose this form of security and save.

Locate business proxy servers that connect you to the Internet

Connect to the Internet without fear when you use a proxy server. No one will be able to get your IP information or damage your computer by sending a virus or other mal ware.

Pick anonymous proxy servers for more protection

Anonymous proxy servers act as a go-between for you and the Internet but they offer an additional measure of security in that they disguise your IP address so no one knows your location.
  • The business proxy server service you use may be able to log every time anyone signs in on your network. This way you will know how your employees are using your system and you can avoid unauthorized access to your data.
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Lori Carver