Pricing and Costs of Pumice Stone Suppliers

By Leah Kuriluk, writer
Nov 16, 2011
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Learn what factors influence the price of pumice stones for sale

The price of pumice rock for sale can vary a lot, depending on the type of pumice desired and its intended application. Special types, like fine-ground, dyed or scented pumice can be more expensive, while course ground pumice is often available at a discounted price when purchased in bulk. Depending on the industry, buying certain types from pumice stone suppliers in bulk can be difficult.

Pumice stone distributors often can be found locally, and sometimes have specific types of pumice available by the pound or rock. A local purchase can save a lot of money on transportation if you're buying in bulk, although your selection may be limited. To learn more about the pricing and costs of pumice stone suppliers, consider the following:

  1. Coarse ground pumice and pumice stones can be purchased in packs or bulk for cleaning and stain removal.
  2. Industrial pumice stone is usually bought by the pound in large amounts, so it is easy to find in bulk.
  3. Pumice scouring stone can cost more when dyed, finely ground, or scented for use in beauty and health products.

Buy pumice rock or course ground pumice for cleaning and scrubbing

Course ground pumice and pumice scouring stone often are purchased by small businesses and the cleaning industry to remove stains. These stones can be bought in bulk from wholesale suppliers or in smaller packs for companies that need less quantity. These pumice stones can be priced anywhere from $2 per stone to $6 per stone. Buying pumice stone wholesale can get you more bang for your buck, as many companies offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Buy industrial pumice stone for use in cement mixes

A form of pumice stone called pozzolan is often used to make cement and walkways. This type of pumice usually comes powdered and ready to mix into cement. Powdered pumice is often sold by the pound, and can range in price from $7 dollars per pound to $18 per pound. This price may vary, depending on the quality of the ground pumice and the pumice supplier. Discounts usually are available for bulk purchases, allowing you to get great deals on large amounts of powdered pumice.

Purchase pumice scouring stone for health and beauty products

Fine ground pumice scouring stone often is purchased as an additive in cosmetic exfoliates, toothpaste and soaps. It also can be used in rock form to remove dirt and debris from skin, as well as exfoliate dead skin. Purchasing pumice for health and beauty products is often more expensive if you're purchasing scented or dyed pumice. Fine ground pumice usually is purchased per pound, and can be anywhere from $8 per pound to $16 per pound, depending on the amount purchased and the quality of the stone. Pumice stones range from $2 per stone to $9 per stone, depending if the stones have been dyed or scented.

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