Pricing and Costs of Real Estate Appraisal Software / Insurance / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Although you want to provide your clients with accurate estimates, you won’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on real ...

Although you want to provide your clients with accurate estimates, you won’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on real estate appraisal software. Shopping around for the best pricing and costs of real estate appraisal software will reduce your company’s overhead costs.

When pricing out appraisal software, you’ll want to look at the features of each program first. Features of the appraisal software programs should include real time numbers, trend analysis options and folder organization. For a basic system, plan to spend between $100 to $200.

1. Compare appraisal software solutions. Determine the different programs you are interested in and narrow down your choices.

2. Contact real estate appraisal software providers to discuss pricing options. Once you have selected residential or commercial real estate appraisal software program, you can contact a retailer in order to secure the best price.

3. Discuss ways to reduce the price of appraisal software programs. Choosing basic appraisal software programs can cost you less than signing up for a solution with extra features that you don’t need.

Find appraisal software solutions

The price of the appraisal software will depend on the amount of features obtained by the program. Basic programs may only cost a few hundred dollars, but more advanced features can run into the $1000 and more range.

Use low cost and current real estate appraisal tools

First, you should get an overview of the types of programs available to determine the solution that will work best for your real estate business. Many manufacturers of real estate appraisal software supply potential clients with the opportunity to test drive their programs with online demo versions. This will allow you to save money by trying the software before making a final purchase.

Choose competitively priced appraisal software programs

Real estate appraisal software providers will each give you different quotes on their programs. Select a provider that can give you the best bottom line on the program that you wish to install within your business. Lower priced software packages will cost you less than $100.

  • Prices may vary between residential and commercial real estate appraisal software. Programs that encompass both residential and commercial properties typically will cost you less than buying two separate software programs.

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