Pricing and Costs of Restaurant Flatware

By J.R. Glass, writer
Apr 13, 2011
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Find the right steak knives and 18/10, 18/8 or 18/0 stainless steel flatware for restaurants

The pricing and costs of restaurant flatware is a critical piece of information to include in your restaurants budget. Whether you are starting up new or are replacing worn out flatware, this is an expense that you cannot ignore. Because there are differing grades of restaurant silverware, there is room in your budget for flexibility. The price you pay for flatware will generally be a direct reflection of the quality you receive.

The most popular type of commercial flatware is stainless steel. While stainless steel is corrosion free and very durable, there are varying grades of quality. Manufacturers note the alloy mixture used for silverware by a fraction. The higher the amount of nickel in the mixture, the better quality the flatware will be. Common mixtures of chromium and nickel are 18/10, 18/8 and 18/0. 18/10 and 18/8 result in higher-quality flatware, while 18/0 is still durable, but not quite as nice. In your search for pricing and costs of restaurant flatware, consider the following:

1. Locate high-quality 18/10 or 18/8 stainless steel restaurant flatware.

2. Find providers of budget-friendly 18/0 stainless steel commercial silverware.

3. Purchase steak knives from restaurant flatware providers.

Find providers of high-quality commercial silverware

High-end stainless steel flatware is more expensive than lower grades of stainless steel, but the quality is better. Higher quality stainless steel flatware retains its luster even under the wear and tear of a commercial kitchen. Flatware for restaurants comes in bundles of 12. Each piece of flatware comes separately so you can order specific numbers of each piece. 18/10, 18/8 and silver-plated flatware prices begin around $30. Upper-end flatware can cost as much as $60 per package of 12 pieces.

Locate 18/0 stainless steel restaurant-grade flatware providers

When you are working with a limited budget or are supplying a café or buffet-type restaurant, high-end flatware is not a necessity. 18/0 stainless steel flatware is aesthetically pleasing and durable. The difference between this and higher-quality stainless steel is that it does not retain its luster as long, which means you need to replace it sooner. You can purchase this type of flatware for as little as $2 per pack with the high end being just over $10 per pack.

Purchase steak knifes from restaurant flatware providers

A restaurant that serves any type of meat will need to provide steak knives for its diners. A steak knife with a sturdy handle will last for many years. You can find steak knives from most any supplier that carries silverware for restaurants. The price of a bundle of steak knives can range anywhere from $10 to over a $100.

  • Ask a company to send you a sample of the commercial silverware if you are unsure of the pattern. If you cannot have a sample sent, be sure you understand the companies return policy. Some companies charge a restocking fee for returned orders.
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