Pricing and Costs of Restaurant Smallwares / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Restaurant smallwares are an expansive category that could literally refer to any item used in a restaurant, either by kitchen staff or ...

Restaurant smallwares are an expansive category that could literally refer to any item used in a restaurant, either by kitchen staff or front of the house employees. Restaurant suppliers, however, know that kitchen grade smallwares usually refer to products on the low end of the cost scale, such as egg slicers, coffee mugs, mixing spoons and even placemats.

Pricing and costs of restaurant smallwares does not have to significantly impact your budget. In fact, seasoned restaurateurs caution against buying one of everything before you even open the door. Many of these smallwares are gadgets that your staff can do without. The only way to know what is necessary is to buy as you go, remembering that less is more when it comes to restaurant smallwares. Compare the prices among these restaurant smallwares suppliers.

1. Compare prices of food preparation kitchen smallwares.

2. Find the lowest prices for specialty foodservice smallwares.

3. Search for competitively priced front of the house restaurant smallwares.

4. Choose durable yet inexpensive commercial grade smallwares for dining room use.

Search for the best prices on food preparation kitchen smallware

Food preparation utensils include potato mashers, garlic presses and egg slicers--the non-electronic tools that make any cook's work easier and more efficient.

Calculate the relatively low cost of other foodservice smallwares

It's easy to forget the extras, like food safety products, cookie sheets for catering jobs and ingredient bowls that make food preparation easy.

Compare prices on restaurant equipment smallwares for the front of the house

These smallwares are on display in the front of the house. They help to create a professional and organized look to the sections of your restaurant that your patrons will see.

Find low prices on commercial grade smallwares for your counter and dining room tables

Sturdy dinner plates and trendy glassware tell your patrons that you pay attention to every detail that will enhance their dining experience.
  • When purchasing restaurant grade smallwares, try to find products made of the most durable materials to avoid frequent replacement costs.

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