Pricing and Costs of Restaurant Sneeze Guards / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Any food business with a buffet, salad bar or display of saleable food needs sneeze guards for protection from air-borne contaminants. ...

Any food business with a buffet, salad bar or display of saleable food needs sneeze guards for protection from air-borne contaminants. The size of the food area determines the amount you need to budget for custom sneeze guards or regular plastic sneeze guards. If the food area is oddly shaped or would cause difficulty for sneeze guard installation, custom made sneezeguards may be the only option.

Sneeze guard restaurant equipment varies in price depending on the type of material used in manufacturing, size, weight and portability. The average price range for one food shield is between $200 and $400, and that doesn't include shipping costs. When researching the pricing and costs of restaurant sneeze guards, look for the following:

1. Companies that offer free shipping or free shipping over a certain amount of money spent can save you hundreds of dollars.

2. Surcharges for custom work are sometimes negotiable, so question any extra charges that seem unreasonable.

3. Watch the weight of each restaurant sneeze guard, since this will affect the shipping cost and the overall amount spent.

Check price comparisons online for different sneeze guard suppliers

Price comparison websites can show you different sneeze guards and include all the pertinent pricing information with the listing. These sites sometimes give dimension information, shipping information and additional information right on the listing. This helps save time when trying to find the best sneeze guard suppliers.

Use companies that offer free shipping on sneeze guards

Because sneeze guards are so heavy, the shipping costs can increase your total cost by $200 or more. By looking for manufacturers that offer free shipping, or using suppliers that offer free shipping, you can greatly reduce your overall investment.

Get estimates for custom made sneezeguards

A custom buffet sneeze guard or salad bar sneeze guard usually costs a little more due to extra charges for custom work. However, most companies will give you an online estimate, provided you give them accurate requirements for your sneeze guards.
  • Save money on a small food business, such as a snack cart or grocery store recipe chef, by buying one portable food guard. This way you can tote the food guard with you to different events, without needing a custom sneeze guard built.

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