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Pricing and Costs of Restaurant Table Linens

J.R. Glass

Weigh the cost of restaurant tablecloths and napkins before you buy

Besides the first impression, it’s also important to consider the pricing and costs of restaurant table linens. We all know that the first impression is a lasting one, but if your restaurant can't afford posh table linens and the laundry service to keep them fresh, you may want to downgrade to a more affordable table linen.

Table linens are available in many different grades of quality. When searching for restaurant table linens, look for a cloth that it easy to wash, wrinkle resistant, smooth, heat resistant and stain absorbent. Keep in mind, the higher the quality of the linen, the higher the price.

High-quality linens will withstand multiple washes, making the high price worth it in the long run. Less expensive table cloths may cost less at the time of purchase, but you may need to replace them more frequently. Remember to factor in the cost of a laundry service when you set your linen budget. In your search for table linens, consider the following:

1. Consider using high-quality restaurant linen.

2. Get pricing on lower-quality restaurant linens.

3. Figure in the cost of restaurant napkins.

Price high-quality restaurant linens

A quality table linen will be around $15 per table cloth. Most vendors only sell table linens by the dozen. The average cost for a dozen high-quality restaurant tablecloths is around $180.

Find vendors that offer low-priced restaurant table linens

When you're working with a small budget, you can look for a nice restaurant tablecloth that starts at just over $3.00. Keep in mind that lower-quality linens may not wash as nicely and may need pressing before they are suitable for use.

Get pricing on and purchase restaurant napkins

A quality napkin is a must when it comes to dining. A napkin that is not durable and absorbent will leave guests scrambling for a place to wipe their mouths and fingers. While the cost for an individual restaurant napkin isn't expensive, when you consider the amount you will need for an entire restaurant, the cost quickly adds up. Cloth napkins will run anywhere from 50 cents to over $1.50 each.

  • Purchase tablecloths and napkins from the same manufacturer when possible, so the texture and color of the fabrics match.
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J.R. Glass