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Pricing and Costs of Shoe Boxes

Thomas Langford

Budget to purchase simple and sensational shoe boxes

Shoe boxes aren't as simple as they used to be. Sure, shoe boxes manufacturers still make basic industrial cardboard shoe boxes. But these days, shoe boxes suppliers are coming up with an increasing number of decorative shoe box ideas and putting an increasing array of options on the market.

So before you begin to buy shoe boxes and search for pricing and costs of shoe boxes, you'll want to figure out exactly what type of shoe boxes you want. Shoe storage can take many forms, but the basics include:

1. Simple cardboard shoe boxes;

2. Clear plastic shoe boxes;

3. And designer and decorative shoe boxes.

Compare prices for cardboard shoe boxes

The least expensive way to buy chipboard or cardboard shoe boxes is to purchase by the case. You will generally pay $1 to $2 per box for a cardboard shoe box. Cardboard boot boxes will cost you slightly more than $2 each.

Purchase plastic shoe boxes

Your customers will love plastic shoe boxes, even though they are more expensive than cardboard shoe boxes. These clear shoe boxes are popular because they are durable and foldable. Additionally, they are great for storage, since they have the obvious advantage of displaying the shoes that are inside. Clear plastic shoe boxes will typically cost you $3 or $4 per box, and about $6 per box for larger boxes that can store boots.

Get prices for specialty shoe boxes

Specialty shoe boxes from custom shoe box suppliers can include everything from decorative shoe boxes to keepsake boxes for baby shoes. These boxes can be quite expensive, often costing more $10 per box, but they can give your customers some fabulous choices for unique ways to store special shoes.
  • Buying in bulk can save you money when you buy shoe boxes. If the shoe box supplier does not advertise a bulk rate, ask anyway. One may be available.
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Thomas Langford