Pricing and Costs of Stretch Wrap / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The pricing and costs of stretch wrap are important to consider when you are packaging any type of merchandise. Stretch wrap and ...

The pricing and costs of stretch wrap are important to consider when you are packaging any type of merchandise. Stretch wrap and stretch wrap equipment are readily available from many vendors on the Internet. Stretch wrap is available in varying thicknesses, colors and lengths. Thicker stretch wrap film is more durable and will be more expensive than thinner films. Stretch wrap is not the only cost to consider, you will also need to figure in the price of stretch wrap equipment.

When you are not in the position to purchase expensive stretch wrap equipment up front, look to stretch wrap that comes spooled on extended cores which form disposable handles. While this option is less expensive up front, in the long run it is more cost effective to purchase proper equipment. As you research the pricing and costs of stretch wrap, consider the following options:

1. Look into extended-core stretch wrap.

2. Price standard rolls of stretch wrap.

3. Consider the cost of stretch wrap supplies and equipment.

Price extended-core stretch wrap from stretch wrap material suppliers

Eliminate the need for a stretch wrap machine when you purchase stretch wrap wound on an extended core. Extended cores are disposable and easy to use. A 1000-foot roll of stretch wrap on an extended core will sell for $12 to $25. Vendors typically sell this type of stretch wrap by the case, with incremental discounts determined by the number of cases you purchase.

Get price estimates for standard rolls of plastic stretch wrap

Standard plastic stretch wrap is less expensive than stretch wrap on extended cores. When purchasing this type of stretch wrap, it's critical to figure in the cost of stretch wrapping equipment. Rolls of standard stretch wrap cost anywhere from $12 to $20.

Budget for stretch wrap machines and equipment

Wrapping pallets without the help of stretch wrap machines will prove to be a very difficult and frustrating task. You can purchase stretch wrap equipment from almost any provider that sells pallet wrapping supplies. Stretch wrap machines range in price depending on their features. A manual machine will cost around $50, while a semi-automatic stretch wrap machine can cost as much as $8,000.

  • When comparison shopping for stretch wrap film, verify the square footage on each roll of film and the film gauge. A lower price may be an indication of smaller rolls or less-durable stretch wrap.

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