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Pricing and Costs of Veterinary Equipment

Angela Roe

Learn the pricing and costs of veterinary equipment to help set a budget for your practice

The pricing and cost of veterinary equipment will likely be your biggest expense when it comes to running your veterinary practice. In order to keep those costs in control, you need to determine what type of veterinary medical equipment you need by evaluating your practice. Practices that are in rural or farming areas will require large animal equipment, while those located in cities and towns may choose not to purchase large animal vet equipment. Determine the types of animals you'll treat to make the best decisions in veterinary supplies.

Consider reigning in the costs of veterinary products by looking for used veterinary equipment for sale. Discuss this option with suppliers of medical equipment, and make sure the veterinary devices have been refurbished and are in working order. Ask for a warranty on the equipment and return policies for any malfunctioning equipment.

1. Recognize that surgical veterinary equipment ranks at the high-end price point.

2. Know what veterinary devices are available at mid-range prices.

3. Stock up on budget-friendly veterinary equipment.

Purchase surgical veterinary medical equipment

Medical veterinary equipment used in animal surgeries will range from $1,000 to $5,000. In this price range you can expect to purchase anesthesia equipment, sterilization equipment, surgical lights and monitoring devices.

Remember exam tables when choosing vet devices

Expect to be able to purchase a variety of exam tables in the mid-range price point for your veterinary office. From a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, you can find wall-mounted tables, freestanding tables, tables with drawers and even hydraulic tables to lift large animals.

Save your bottom line with budget-friendly first aid equipment

Remember the basics when ordering supplies and equipment for veterinarians. Bandages and splints are among the common types of equipment you can purchase in the low-end price range. Ranging from a few dollars for bandages to approximately $50 for bovine splints, stocking these essential first aid items won't break your budget.

  • Remember that veterinary equipment information will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Gather all of the information from multiple sources before you determine from whom you'll make your purchases.
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Angela Roe