Pricing on Pepsi Beverage Vending Machines

By Heather Topham Wood, writer
Mar 27, 2010
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Consider used, vintage and mini Pepsi soda machines to save money

Pepsi vending machines are a great way to generate business at certain locations as well as make a passive income from the sodas that you sell. Pepsi soda machines have Pepsi and other Pepsi brand drinks for retail.

Beverage vending machines for Pepsi pricing and costs involves looking at how much they will cost as well as the price of supplies. There are other costs associated with Pepsi Cola vending machines as well, including installation and service. These things may be incorporated into the cost of the machine or average around $100 per incident.

1. Price out Pepsi beverage vending machines. The best bet is to look at the price of standard full size Pepsi vending machines that hold seven to nine different types of beverages.

2. Include the cost of supplies for Pepsi pop vending machines. Factor in servicing and refilling the Pepsi beverage vending machines.

3. Consider free services from Pepsi vending machine suppliers. Certain providers of a Pepsi bottle vending machine may give free offers to clients.

Get a price on Pepsi vending machines

You can shop around for used and new full size vending machines to purchase for your company. For a used older model like types manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s, you can pay as little as $350. Newer models will cost much more and will range around $1200-$1500.

Consider a less expensive mini Pepsi vending machine

Purchasing smaller and mini versions of Pepsi vending machines can help your company save money. Smaller versions will take up less space and may carry as few as four to six different beverage choices.

Check out free offers on Pepsi soda vending machines

If your company meets certain conditions, you may be eligible to receive vending services for free. The supplier will install and maintain the Pepsi can vending machine while you can use the machine to draw in customers.
  • You will need to price in supplies and insurance for your Pepsi vending machines. On average, you can get wholesale prices for Pepsi bottles for less than $18 per 24. Liability insurance for Pepsi vending machines runs upwards of $100 annually.
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