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Printed Circuit Board Repair Education and Training

ByTerri Deno, writer
Jun 25, 2011
Image Credit: Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images
> Business Basics

Train to perform printed circuit board repair

PC board repair is a job that combines an extensive knowledge of computers with a fine attention to detail. A computer circuit board is the most important part of a central processing unit (CPU) or other electronic unit. The circuit board is like the brain of the computer, in that it makes sure all functions are powered and working properly.

Tech-savvy people can train to repair printed circuit boards for computers and electronics through many resources. If you want to learn to repair a PCB, some previous computer skills are required. If you have that part down, look for printed circuit board repair education and training opportunities through:

1. Training classes that provide instructions for electronic circuit board repair.

2. Instructional videos and self-guided training courses.

3. Online training courses.

Attend training classes for repairing printed circuit boards

Training classes that provide hands-on experience can benefit those who seek jobs as service technicians. These classes are provided by vocational schools, professional organizations and distributors of products that contain printed circuit boards. The most common products with printed circuit boards are computers, printers and robots.

Learn PCB repair skills through repair kits and DVD courses

If you want a self-guided learning experience, DVD and CD-ROM training kits are available. You can also find training kits with practice boards and tools. The courses cover the basics of computer repair, though some teach advanced repair topics. These courses do not always offer the certification you need to become a technician, but the courses can be used as training supplement certification tests.

Take online courses to learn about printed circuit board maintenance

If you want a combination of traditional training and self-guided resources, an online course will meet your needs. An online course for printed circuit board repair will teach you the skills you need to repair any type of circuit board. Most online courses also offer technician certification.
Penn Foster Career School offers a PC maintenance and repair training program that covers all aspects of PC repair, including PCB board repair. NetCom Information Technology offers online courses for CompTIA A+ certification, which is recognized throughout the technology industry.
  • There are a number of different CompTIA A+ certification types. Those that provide certification to work on systems and PC board repairs are A+, CCT+ and Convergence+.
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Terri Deno
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