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Printer Rental Pricing and Costs

Lesley Graybeal

How to get the best prices on printers for lease

Printer rentals are a good way to save money if your company does not print regularly, or if you need to print high quality products, but do not want to own an expensive, high-end printer. Printer rental pricing and costs vary based on your location, the printer brand and the type of printer you need, but price quotes are easy to obtain online for most printer rental services. The price of rental includes the cost of ink and toner, but does not usually cover paper.

Another factor to consider with a printer lease is how long you will need printing capabilities. Many computer printer rental options are a much better deal for a week or a month than for a single day, so consider whether or not a medium-term computer printer rental is a better choice for your company than a short-term rental.

When calculating printer rental pricing and costs, consider the following resources:

  1. Browse HP printer options for the industry standard printer rental;
  2. Rent printers for less from Dell, Brother and other brands;
  3. Consider hourly rental for costly options like photo printing.

Get Printer Rentals from HP for the Widest Rental Options in Color or Black-and-White

A leading choice in the industry for both ink jet and laser printer rental is Hewlett Packard (HP). HP printers comprise the bulk of printer options available from rental services, and different models offer vastly different print features, which are reflected in typical rental costs from $150 to $300. Get a quote from a rental service to learn what the cost will be in your area to rent the HP printer of your choice.

Consider Other Brands of Printers for Lease for Basic or Multi-Function Options

Another choice for your printer lease is Dell, Brother, Xerox or another printer brand offered by rental companies. Dell printers are typically a cheaper option for basic printing than HP printers, running under $100, while Brother and Xerox offer multifunction rental printers that also can serve as copy machines or fax machines for generally over $200.

Look for Rates By the Minute or Hour for Specialty Printer Rental Services

Rather than a printer lease, another cost-saving option is to rent a printer by the minute or hour from an office service company. This is an especially cost-effective choice if you need to print a small quantity of pages at high quality. When you rent printers by the hour or minute, the cost usually is applied to a computer workstation, while the printer rental itself is included in the workstation cost.

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Lesley Graybeal