Profile of the B2B Mobile Executive / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

B2B executives are using their mobile devices for email, research and believe it or not, 100K+ purchases. Is your marketing plan ready?

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Wherever you turn, everyone is on their smart phones. Kids play on iPads at restaurants, we read the Sunday paper on a tablet in bed, and some even bring their devices into the bathroom. What’s widely been thought of as a consumer market, in reality, is truly an "everyone" market, including the B2B executive.

This extremely powerful segment uses their average of four devices to email, watch (and share) videos, and catch up the news. But they’re also using their mobile devices to research, discover, and buy new products and services for their business. According to The Connected Executive, a recent survey of 511 senior-level executives by Google and Forbes Insights:

Seven out of 10 executives report using smartphones or tablets to look up product or service information upon first learning of an offering, and more than a third say they are still referencing information from their mobile devices when a purchase decision needs to be made.

The B2B Mobile Executive Infographic breaks down the stats of how these decision makers are using their devices to share, learn, and buy. Download it now to discover how and where to reach this influential group of professionals. 

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