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Projection slides and transparencies make sense when you can't use a laptop for presentations. With projection transparencies, you ...

Projection slides and transparencies make sense when you can't use a laptop for presentations. With projection transparencies, you can still make a professional-looking presentation for any type or size of audience. Overhead slides also make a convenient tool for teachers, lecturers and trainers who want flexibility and the capability to alter or add to visual aids in the middle of a presentation. You can create them by hand or design them on your computer and print them.

Compared to buying a computer and projector for PowerPoint presentations, you can save a substantial amount of money with overhead transparencies -- all you need are overhead slides and an overhead slide projector. As you shop for 35mm projection slides and transparencies, keep the following in mind:

1. Think about how many transparencies you need and consider layering projection transparencies on top of each other for a cumulative effect.

2. Some projection transparencies do not work in copiers – you write directly on the transparency film with special felt tip markers.

3. Some copiers require sensor strips on transparency film.

Create 35mm projection slides for your presentation

If you already own a slide projector, make use of it by creating a presentation using 35mm projection slides. Just about any graphics design business or photo lab will convert your pictures or presentation slides from PowerPoint into beautiful 35mm slides

Buy transparencies for sale that suit your needs

Fortunately, you can buy transparency paper at just about any store that sells office supplies. You'll find that the most common size of projection transparency averages 8 by 11 inches; you can buy boxes of overhead slide transparencies in smaller and larger sizes, too, but remember that your projector likely has a window size approximately 10 by 10 inches.

Order your overhead transparencies from another compan

If you don't have the time or the capability to make professional-looking transparency slides, hire someone else to do it. You can find companies on the Internet who will take your files or pictures and convert them into overhead transparency slides for you.

Buy or rent an overhead projector to show your overhead transparencies

You must have an overhead projector to show your transparencies. Either buy or rent one online, depending on how often you use projection slides.

  • Place a clean, white sheet of paper beneath each projection transparency slide for easy slide separation and so you can quickly identify the slide without confusing it with ones beneath it.
  • Many people fear the dreaded slide jam when using a 35mm slide projector -- prepare yourself by duplicating your slides in overhead transparency format as a backup.

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