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Can Psychology Help You Get More Email Subscribers?

Jared Atchison
Updated Feb 02, 2022

Psychological triggers can motivate users to sign up for your email list.

As humans, we’re driven by psychological triggers that motivate us to take action. This is especially true for our purchasing process. When we make a purchase, a lot of what goes into this decision comes from emotional and psychological incentives, known as consumer psychology.

Most of the time, we aren’t even aware that any factors triggered us to buy something – that’s how powerful our subconscious is at pivoting us toward a certain decision. Consumer psychology studies how consumers’ beliefs, feelings, and thought perceptions shape their buying experiences and behaviors.

When it comes to building an email list, you need to convince users that handing over their email address will be worth their while. Let’s look at three psychology tips you can use to grow your list of email subscribers.

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1. Use a two-step opt-in.

A clever method of gaining email subscribers is to use the Zeigarnik effect. Psychology tells us that this phenomenon occurs because people like to start what they finish and don’t like to be reminded about tasks they never completed. When users click a CTA button agreeing to sign up for your email list, they’re more likely to finish entering their email address because they want to complete the process. Two-step opt-in forms require the visitor to take action not once, but twice. The first time occurs when they click the CTA button, and the second happens when they enter their information. The Zeigarnik effect kicks in between these two phases and pushes visitors to convert.

2. Test different colored CTA buttons.

Color has the ability to psychologically affect your mood and make you feel different sensations, but what about how it pushes action in visitors on your website? Research by Science Mag has proven that red can enhance memory while blue can improve creativity, with every color affecting how people feel in a distinct way. When we see a specific color, we associate it with a feeling or sensation, which pushes us to take action.

The power of color psychology in marketing matters and could be the difference between a couple email subscribers and thousands. You have to do research and A/B split tests to find out which colors your target market responds to the most. Once you have that information, you can use it to build stronger, more successful email campaigns.

3. Showcase social proof.

It’s wise to showcase social proof on your website to show new visitors that you’re a reputable business with a growing customer base. When we see others doing something, and enjoying it for that matter, we want to emulate those actions and experiences. We want to feel the joy that we believed was sparked when someone else demonstrates how much they like something.

A great way to use social proof to grow your email subscribers is to display customer reviews and client testimonials on your website. Nielsen reports that 92 percent of visitors trust a recommendation from someone they know, while 70 percent will trust recommendations from random people online. This goes to show that it doesn’t matter how well your visitors know the people who are reviewing your products and services. As long as they see reviews and recommendations that speak to them, they’re likely to subscribe.

You can also gather up business logos of happy clients you’ve worked with and display those on your website for new visitors to see. When it’s front and center that you’ve brought success to other people and businesses, it boosts your credibility and urges visitors to subscribe.

What’s next?

There are endless psychological tactics you can use to attract visitors and gain new email subscribers. A multi-step opt-in urges visitors to complete what they started. Different colors affect buyers in different ways, so it’s important to know what speaks to them to increase conversions. Finally, showing your visitors you’re a credible, trustworthy business to interact with is essential for your email list to grow.

What psychology tips will you use to boost business?

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