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Pulleys keep many machines moving, from printers to planes to optical equipment. Especially important is finding suppliers who can ...

Pulleys keep many machines moving, from printers to planes to optical equipment. Especially important is finding suppliers who can customize products for your industrial needs. Such providers should have their own turning, milling and welding operations to fabricate pulleys for you.

Size, quantity and material will determine the cost of pulleys. Finding a supplier who will keep parts in stock for you is also important. Use this guide to get information about pulleys so that you can make the best business decisions:

  1. Figure out your needs and choose pulley products and manufacturers who specialize in your field.
  2. Get some specifications on idler pulleys you require so that you can narrow your search.
  3. Seek info on pulleys from pulley providers for the wire industry (or even customize your order).

Seek pulley distributors who specialize

Seek information on pulleys -- by type, so that you make sure the manufacturer will provide what you need. Some pulley suppliers make products for heavy use, such as cranes, mining equipment and oil field equipment. Others make pulleys for lighter use, such as office machines, printers and mail handling. Pick the one that will work well with your business needs.

Consider your requirements for idler pulleys to meet your mechanical needs

As you check what pulley providers are out there, look for a company that is experienced and has knowledge and capabilities in stamping, turning, assembling, and welding precision drive and idler pulleys and sheaves. Factor in the needs of your business and choose a few companies that build the types of pulleys you're looking for so that you can have your required products in stock.

Find pulleys for use in the wire industry

Look for a job shop that can manufacture pulleys for use in the wire industry. Specialized pulleys can handle products such as clean wire, fiber optic and insulated wire products.
  • Check around at machine shops, factories, warehouses, and distribution centers--any business that might use pulleys--and see who their suppliers are. You might obtain some helpful information about pulleys and the best places to find quality items.

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