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Radio Advertising Production Pricing and Costs

Kim Finn

Budgeting for radio commercial production advertising

If you need a way to get your company's name or product in the minds of potential customers, radio commercials can reach thousands of potential customers who listen to the radio every day at the office, home and work and while driving or exercising.

Since radio reaches 72% of all consumers in this country every day, imagine the opportunities that exist for you to reach them.

Radio advertising production generally includes advertising strategy development, copy, voice talent performance and production services like editing, mastering and distribution. Typically, production costs range from $300 to $1,000. Factors influencing these costs include numerous copy or audio revisions, celebrity endorsements and using multiple voices. When researching radio advertising production pricing and costs, keep the following in mind:

1. Radio advertisement production costs typically include script, production and distribution at a minimum.

2. Plan to pay a deposit up front for radio advertising commercials.

3. Consider the cost of adding a jingle with the production of radio advertisements.

Expect radio ad production rates to include script design, production and distribution

Companies often publish radio advertising production costs based on either 30 or 60-second spots, and while rates typically include script creation, ad production and subsequent distribution, you'll run across many pricing variations.

Anticipate paying a deposit up front to radio advertising production companies

While preparing your budget and figuring out what you'll have to pay radio advertising production companies, also learn when you'll have to pay.

Consider using another source to produce a jingle for your radio ads

If your budget allows and you really want to go the extra mile to get consumers to remember your name or product, consider incorporating the production costs of a jingle into your radio ad production budget. If you're producing your own radio ad or even working with another company, consider going with a company that specializes in creating catchy, professional jingles that will cause listeners to play your tune over and over again in their minds.

  • When performing due diligence on radio advertising production pricing and costs, beware of radio stations promising free commercials when you advertise on their radio stations. Frequently, you'll end up with a poor-quality ad produced hastily and without considering advertising strategy. Free isn't always better, and you might not even recoup your investment with poorly produced radio commercial ads.
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Kim Finn