Rattan and Wicker Furniture Pricing and Costs

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Rattan and wicker furniture are not modern inventions. Archeologists have uncovered wicker chairs, boxes and chests of at least 5,000 ...

Rattan and wicker furniture are not modern inventions. Archeologists have uncovered wicker chairs, boxes and chests of at least 5,000 years old in Ancient Egyptian excavation sites. You can even trace wicker furniture back to AD 79 where people used it in early Rome. As time unfolded, the idea of weaving reeds into wicker furniture began to spread. For Victorian England, indoor and outdoor wicker furniture became a more sanitary, sophisticated alternative to upholstered furniture and the first wicker items traveled to America aboard the Mayflower.

Although the popularity of wicker furniture has risen and fallen over the past centuries, today's businesses have revealed a renewed interest in this classy, versatile furniture and it is seen often in gardens, offices and lobbies. Although wicker furniture tends to be costly, easily ranging upwards of $5000 for a high-quality set, many businesses consider this purchase a worthwhile investment. Consider the following:

1. Wicker furniture looks professional and has a classic appeal.

2. Rattan and wicker are versatile materials that companies can custom-design into a variety of styles.

3. Wicker and rattan furniture is low maintenance, eliminating the cleaning costs of upholstered furniture.

4. Outdoor rattan-based furniture is durable and weather-resistant.

Select wicker furniture to match your business style

The beauty of wicker furniture is that companies can design it to meet a variety of styles and purposes. Determine the look you want to portray for your business - contemporary, vintage, or low-key and choose an appropriate style in wicker furniture. Rattan and wicker furniture pricing and costs can vary depending on the materials used and the design.

Locate resin wicker rattan furniture for outdoor use for greater savings

Companies usually construct outdoor wicker furniture with a steel or aluminum frame wrapped with resin or vinyl. High quality outdoor rattan furniture can be expensive - upwards of $9,000 for a set. Resin wicker outdoor furniture is not only cheaper than actual wicker furniture, it is also easy to clean and weather resistant.

Locate wicker furniture wholesale for discount prices

You can purchase wicker furniture from wholesale distributors at discount prices. You can find a good quality wicker set for less than $1000 at a wholesale manufacturer and, many times, you can apply other discounts to these low prices.

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