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Ready Mixed Concrete Pricing and Costs

By L. Newton, writer
Apr 22, 2010
Image Credit: Stockphoto mania/ Shutterstock
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Mold your budget with these ready mixed concrete pricing and costs

Ready mix concrete pricing and costs depend on the amount and type of ready mix concrete you purchase.

Ready mix concrete is purchased directly from the ready mix concrete plant, from a company offering ready mix concrete trucks, or from ready mix concrete suppliers that offer bags of ready mix concrete. The cheapest method for do-it-yourself jobs at your company is ready mix concrete bags. Typically you find these in 60 and 90 pound bags for less than $10.

For larger ready mix concrete jobs, check with a ready mixed concrete association for a ready mix concrete business. Ready mix concrete prices from a ready mix concrete company typically depend on the cubic foot of concrete needed. These prices may run from $50 to $150. When preparing for your budget's ready mixed concrete pricing and costs, think about the following:

1. Ready mix concrete bags are affordable for small jobs or patch repairs.

2. Determine the cubic yards of concrete needed for your job to gain an idea about the cost of ready mix concrete from ready mix concrete trucks.

3. Many ready mix concrete suppliers offer the option of ready mix concrete coloring.

Choose ready mix concrete bags for small do-it-yourself jobs

Ready mix concrete bags are found at most home improvement and hardware stores. These stores typically offer 60 and 90 pound bags of ready mix concrete. These bags are ready to use by adding the proper amount of water. If it is determined that you only need a small amount of ready mix concrete, purchasing ready mix concrete bags is cheaper.

Hire a truck from a ready mix concrete plant for larger jobs

Some jobs are too large for using ready mix concrete bags. In this case, it is more practical to hire a ready mix concrete truck to bring concrete from a ready mix concrete company. If you are uncertain about the type of company you need to locate, check with the National Ready Mix Concrete Association or with the ready mix concrete association in your state. These companies charge by the cubic yard for concrete delivery.
City of Albuquerque discusses ready mix concrete prices of $80 to $130 per cubic yard.

Add coloring to your ready mix concrete for greater eye appeal

Many ready mix concrete suppliers offer the option of adding coloring to your ready mix concrete. This concrete coloring also comes in mix ready form. There is an additional charge for concrete coloring pigment. The cost depends on the color and the amount of coloring needed.

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