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Retargeting with display ads can be a cost-effective way to recapture leads' attention and reconvert a significant percentage of these...

When a person visits your site, they may subscribe to your newsletter, create an account or make a purchase -- or in many cases, do nothing. On average 98% of the visitors who browse your site will leave without converting, according to the folks at Internet Marketing, Inc. Though you've probably invested some time and money to initially attract them to your site, retargeting with display ads can be a cost-effective way to recapture their attention and reconvert a significant percentage of these potential customers. With retargeting, you can expose potential customers to a greater frequency of ads to drastically boost your conversions.

How Retargeting Works

While many businesses buy banner ads on websites to generate clicks and leads, more and more companies are turning to these banner ads as a method of retargeting. Staying in front of prospects that have already been to your website creates a more long-term impression. Whether your marketing campaign involves pay-per-click (PPC) or emails, you spend time and money on advertising to attract customers to your site. when a prospect has visited your site, you'vee dropped a cookie on the browser so that when that person goes to another site, you can immediately target them with your ads to recapture their attention.

A 2010 Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) survey shows that conversion rates for targeted ads are 6.8%, compared to 2.8% for non-targeted. That means that users who click on ads targeted specifically to them are more than twice as likely to buy the advertised product.

Behavioral Retargeting

Behavioral retargeting has been an effective way for some marketers to reengage with shoppers. This is one way of converting sales that might have otherwise been lost.

  • Use a program such as Google AdWords or AdRoll to retarget and segment individuals based on what they viewed and the actions they took.
  • Retarget someone based on how far they proceeded down the sales funnel. For example, you could retarget those who abandoned a cart on the shipping rate screen with offers for free shipping or faster shipping.
  • Consider how the person arrived to your site the first time. If it was a specific product search, email marketing message or another banner ad, you can use that to customize and personalize your retargeted ads.

If the studies that indicate 98% of visitors who visit a site won't convert are accurate, it may be time for your business to consider retargeting. Retargeting with display ads can create greater brand awareness, long-term impressions and increase your conversion rates. PPC advertising is often one part of a B2B marketer's strategy. You can make the most of your efforts by using retargeted ads as a part of your PPC campaigns.


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