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Reclamation and recycling is one way to reach customers who are concerned for the environment and prefer to support businesses that ...

Reclamation and recycling is one way to reach customers who are concerned for the environment and prefer to support businesses that are making an effort. There are many ways to perform water recycling other than just car wash water recycling. Add water reclamation systems to your marketing efforts to promote your business among the new breed of green businesses.

Reclamation and recycling help you look good and are good for your bottom line as well. While some of the water reclamation that you undertake will cost you extra at first for the equipment and setup, you eventually will see savings in your water bills. Finally, as many states undergo strict water restrictions or a breakdown in services because of other weather-related incidents, you will have your own personal supply of water with a water reclamation system.

  1. Save money with a grey water recycling system.
  2. Start the process with a water reclamation feasibility study.
  3. Keep your landscape lush with a reclamation water system.

Use grey water recycling to stop flushing your money away

A grey water recycling system takes the water used in laundry, bath and showers and recycles it for use in commodes. Using what is called grey water, the system is built into your plumbing and becomes part of your building structure. There is no chance that the water recycling products will mix with your drinking water. Grey water recycling is best used in commercial buildings that house clients such as hotels and spas, but is also useful for residential homes and residential contractors.

Complete a water recycling feasibility study before going green

Before jumping on every green bandwagon that passes through, step back and being in a consultant who can show you the benefits of using water reclamation companies. While many of the consultants work for the water reclamation manufacturers, you can take their numbers to your board or your own CFO to see if the effort is worthwhile for your business. Take into consideration the marketing possibilities in addition to the cost.

Capture the storm for your water recycling

A water reclamation system can keep your landscaping lush when everyone around you is turning brown. Additional benefits of reclaiming water for landscaping include no algae or mosquitoes and hidden underground systems. You can build a beautiful fountain using the non-potable water and brag about it too.
  • Ask your accountant to get you tax credits for all the water reclamation and recycling upgrades in which you invest.

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