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Would you like more referrals flowing into your business? Today's digital world can seem like a quagmire of quicksand trapping you. But...

The radio was blasting, the white and blue pop-up tents were out, and people were flocking in. This grand opening party was hopping. The number of people and energy were staggering.

I was shooting videos of patients after their treatment. I would ask them if this was their first time (for many of them it was) and how they felt after the treatment.

One thing I asked each of them is, "How did you find out about this party?"

Many of them said my friend Johnny or my friend Rachel recommended it. Others were invited by the owners. Still others had seen one of the owners give a presentation on this kind of treatment. There was also a radio and direct mail campaign as the owners did a fantastic job marketing this event.

But still referrals won the day.

There's a 4-step system I deploy for my clients. It converts more of the referrals and recommendations your business gets into paying patients and customers.

1. Online Reviews

You must have an online review strategy. Because 67% of customers read your most recent six reviews or less recency is critical (Tweet This!). When somebody recommends your business, the first thing the recipient does is Google you. They're looking for what other people are saying about you online.

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When you put a strategy in place that gets you consistent reviews, your business will grow 19% without doing any additional advertising, according to Huffington Post. So either do a reputation marketing strategy yourself or hire an expert. It's the best marketing investment you can make.

2. Media Credibility

Getting featured in prominent local and national media boosts your prestige and brand reputation. Imagine this. You search for a dentist in Dallas Texas. You scan the page and see one of them was featured on ABC and Fox news. None of the others were. Who do you click on?

3. Video

Here's 1 video from the party of a patient's feedback:

Video for your business is critical today and going forward. This video(s) can be:

- about your company, - customer review or patient reviews, - straight up commercial, - topic videos, - or news style "advertorial" interviews

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When done correctly, a news style video boosts your credibility and is another checkmark in the case you're building to choose you over your competitors.

4. Follow-Up

Following up with customers consistently will get you more referrals and online reviews than any other activity. This is the highest ROI activity for your marketing dollars. It's a little time investment to set up and publish a monthly e-mail newsletter and quarterly print newsletter. But since it's the highest return on investment you can do, communicating with your customers, isn't it worth the time?

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I'd be glad to address your questions. Just leave a comment below.

Author Bio: Clint Evans -- Amazon best-selling author of "Be #1 in Your Market". I do online and in-person speaking presentations in addition to client work. Connect with me via Google+ or LinkedIn.

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