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Commercial refrigeration isn't limited to one freezer and refrigerator. Restaurants, convenience stores and other businesses that sell ...

Commercial refrigeration isn't limited to one freezer and refrigerator. Restaurants, convenience stores and other businesses that sell perishable items must invest in commercial refrigeration equipment for each step of the product's shelf life. From the moment products are delivered, it's a race against time to keep them cold enough to be safe and consumable. Refrigeration equipment solutions include:

1. Walk-in coolers and commercial freezers for long-term storage.
2. Chillers and restaurant grade refrigerators for short-term storage.
3. Countertop and work station refrigeration equipment to keep food at a proper temperature between prep stations.
4. Commercial refrigeration display cases when food is ready to be served.

Walk In coolers

Walk in coolers allow restaurants and florists to keep large amounts of food, flowers and other perishables cold.
walk in coolers, visit

Restaurant grade refrigerators and commercial freezers

While most restaurants have walk in coolers to store food products, almost every kitchen also has stand-alone refrigeration equipment for short-term storage and preparation. Stand-alone commercial freezers and refrigerators allow kitchen staff to keep products conveniently close for the day's needs. Prep areas also benefit from countertop refrigeration equipment.


Chillers provide blast chilling, also called shock freezing, which allows food's core temperature to be lowered from 160 degrees Fahrenheit to 38 degrees in just 90 minutes rather than the hours it takes in a standard freezer. Chillers let food keep its texture, flavor and color better than traditional freezing and keep bacteria growth at a minimum.

Commercial refrigeration food display cases

After food has been cooked or prepared, it needs commercial refrigeration to keep it fresh until consumed. Bakery and deli cases provide a temperature-controlled space that allows food products to be displayed to consumers.

Refrigeration equipment for beverage displays

Food is not the only product that requires commercial refrigeration equipment. Convenience stores and restaurants depend on see-through refrigeration equipment to display products to consumers such as refrigerated bottled drinks and convenience foods.

Wine commercial refrigeration equipment

Many people think red wine shouldn't be refrigerated, but it actually should be served at a temperature in the low 60s. Refrigeration equipment is required to store and serve wine at the proper temperature.
  • When planning your commercial refrigeration equipment needs, consider which workstations will require food to be kept out for extended periods of time. For instance, a salad station or sushi workstation needs to have countertop-level commercial refrigeration solutions to keep food at proper temperatures before and after prep.
  • Make sure everyone in your kitchen understands food safety. Most county governments have guidelines and requirements for commercial refrigeration and offer free training and certification for food safety.
  • Blast chillers are a chef's best friend. They outperform traditional commercial freezers when it comes to preserving the texture, aroma, flavor and color of foods.

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