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Successful Content Marketing Begins With Effective Talent Recruitment

By Remy Bernstein, Last Modified
Feb 11, 2017
> Marketing

Producing strong content has become an absolute must in today’s marketing world, prompting companies to devote, on average, a quarter of their marketing efforts to content strategy. According to White Hot Marketing, marketers’ top three goals are: “customer relationship/loyalty, engagement and brand awareness.” Since consistently publishing high-quality content allows brands to build a strong connection with their target audience, it can help achieve all of these goals.

While research and communication skills haven’t always topped the list of requirements for most jobs, brands are now seeking out employees with traits that are conducive to creating valuable content.

What traits are critical to content marketing success?

1. Creativity

Today’s consumers are looking for unique and meaningful brands to meet their everyday needs. To produce fresh and compelling messages that appeal to their target audience, companies need creative minds for the job. Gone are the days of stuffy offices filled with business suits and rigid work culture; employees who think differently can often bring a much-needed fresh perspective to the table.

2. Writing Skills

English majors, rejoice! For years, students pursuing degrees in literature and languages were warned they would be stuck working in fast food restaurants upon graduation. Little did the naysayers know, strong writing skills would soon come in handy across virtually every industry. Having a strong (and grammatically correct) voice is essential to communicating with prospective and existing clients.

3. Research Skills

Great research skills are vital to building a successful content marketing team. With so much exaggerated or downright false content flooding the digital space, consumers have become skeptical about everything they read online. It’s important to build trust with your followers, backing up your claims with stats and figures from reliable sources.

Gaining an understanding of new or unfamiliar trends and writing about them accurately also requires strong research and comprehension skills. For the sake of staying relevant, you may not always be able to write about what you know.

How do you attract viable talent to your team?

Content marketing in and of itself is actually a great strategy for grabbing the attention of prospective employees. Many brands are actively deploying video initiatives and other types of content marketing efforts to attract creative talent.

Producing content that plays up the creative aspects of your brand is a great way to attract team members who possess the same traits. Think about what type of personality would bring the most value to your company, and craft content that would resonate with these individuals. One brand that’s nailed the creative recruitment process is McGarrah Jessee Agency:


When this unsuspecting new employee, Elliot Nordstrom, showed up for his first day on the job, he never expected to be greeted by a bold voiceover reciting random facts about his life. It’s no surprise that this fun video quickly went viral, reaching thousands of potential employees in the process.

Despite the demonstrated benefits of a dedicated creative team, you might be reluctant to put the time and effort into building up your editorial staff and grinding out content every week. After all, what if content marketing is just like all the other trends that seem to fade out before you reap any substantial returns?

I assure you, this is one trend that is not going anywhere fast. For today’s brands, continued business growth necessitates jumping on the content bandwagon. Start by hiring team members with strong writing and research skills at the top of their resumes.


Photo credit:

Remy Bernstein
Remy Bernstein
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As COO, Remy directs all internal and client-facing operations for L&T Co., a brand publishing company with offices in New York City and St. Louis. A founding member of the Columbia University Startup Lab, Remy has overseen the precipitous growth of L&T's full-time staff and client base since joining the company in 2014.
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