Responsibilities of a Kitchen Manager / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

A kitchen manager is the engine of your restaurant. It is the kitchen manager's responsibility to ensure that all the cooking ...

A kitchen manager is the engine of your restaurant. It is the kitchen manager's responsibility to ensure that all the cooking proceeds smoothly in accordance with the orders being placed. As the head of your kitchen, this person must be capable of managing materials, money and other workers. He will also perform a host of duties related to the maintenance and cleanliness of the workplace, and must maintain a great rapport with the rest of the staff.

Support of kitchen staff

The restaurant kitchen manager will keep files on the various personnel under his supervision and make regular updates about their performance and conduct.  He must seem approachable and be available to the kitchen staff in order to address the concerns and problems that may arise.

Recruitment responsibilities

The kitchen manager will be integral in interviewing cooking staff and negotiating their contracts. He should also have input in front of house staffing positions, as these employees will be responsible for communicating with kitchen staff and working smoothly with the kitchen.

Budget preparation

The kitchen manager will keep an inventory of materials used, check supplier invoices, ensure vendors are paid on time and suggest ways and means to cut kitchen costs.

Food procurement

The restaurant kitchen manager must be able to estimate the amount of food that will need to be prepared and perceive possible fluctuations. He should have thorough knowledge of preparing vegetables and meats in large quantities.

Food sanitation

The kitchen manager will be aware of the guidelines and principles of food safety and food sanitation. He will maintain and review all procedures employed to ensure a hygienic cooking environment and ensure the restaurant staff follow them accordingly.

Preparation and storage

The kitchen manager must have knowledge of preparation and storage methods of all types of food served in the restaurant. He must be well versed in cooking temperatures and times and the methods employed in storing foods to retain their flavor and nutritional value.

Active participation

The kitchen manager will participate in making menus and take decisions in substituting items on the menu that are currently unavailable.


The kitchen manager is responsible for ensuring that the restaurant staff strictly follows the guidelines of CQSMA (Cleanliness, Quality, Service, and Maintenance & Atmosphere).

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