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Opening a restaurant requires a lot of commercial equipment, from kitchen supplies to dining room furniture. Many food service ...

Opening a restaurant requires a lot of commercial equipment, from kitchen supplies to dining room furniture. Many food service equipment distributors offer everything you need to open a restaurant, while other restaurant distributors specialize in one area of food service equipment, such as commercial refrigeration, smallwares, bar supplies and ventilation.

When looking at items for sale by restaurant equipment distributors, shop around for the best price. Also take advantage of salespersons' knowledge. They can walk you through the different types of refrigeration, ventilation and other equipment that will best suit your restaurant.

When looking for food equipment distributors, make a list that will help you keep track of everything you will need. It should include equipment and supplies for the:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Dining Room
  3. Bar
  4. Wait station
  5. Hostess station
  6. Restrooms

Select energy-efficient kitchen heating and refrigeration equipment from

Commercial kitchen equipment such as coolers, walk-in refrigerators, ovens, and hoods all use a lot of energy. Look for foodservice equipment distributors who carry refrigerators, freezers and coolers with the Energy Star symbol. These models save up to 45% more energy than other models. When looking for stoves and ranges, stick with gas, which is more cost-efficient than electric and offers a more reliable cooking temperatures.  

Choose dining room furnishings that are durable, beautiful and functional.

The whole look of your restaurant is defined by the tables and chairs you select. Think about it: red metal chairs and tables with glass tops create an entirely different ambience than classic wooden chairs in a mahogany finish with matching tables. Your dining room furnishings should match your theme, no matter if it is formal or casual. Along with quality furniture, you will need attractive table settings, as well.

Look for restaurant distributors of bar equipment and supplies

The bar is one of the best places to increase sales at any restaurant. Many restaurant distributors carry a large line of bar supplies, from liquor wells to pint glasses and beer towers. If you plan on having a full-service bar where patrons can sit and dine, then you will need menus and place settings along with bar supplies.

Stay organized with commercial restaurant equipment distributors

Food storage racks can help both the dry storage area and walk-in cooler stay organized. Clearly labeling commercial kitchen shelving will help employees put stock away in the correct area. Organizing your storage areas also ensures stock gets rotated and allows you better track your inventory. carry basic metal shelves that work well for restaurants and are safe for both food and chemicals.
  • Many restaurant equipment distributors carry used items. Buying used restaurant equipment is a natural choice for smallwares, like plates, baskets, glasses and utensils. However, used heating and refrigeration is a gamble, since most used restaurant equipment doesn't come with a warranty. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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