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Finding the Right GPS Fleet Tracking Software for Your Business

Business.com / Software / Last Modified: May 30, 2017
By m.mphoto

Fleet tracking software is an excellent option to manage your delivery drivers while they are on the road.

Fleet Tracking software is an excellent way to manage your delivery drivers while they are on the road. With this type of software, your delivery vehicles are outfitted GPS tracking hardware that provides detailed information regarding the safety, maintenance, and location of the vehicle. This information is then displayed in an easy-to-read format using the software on your computer. Many programs allow you to create customized reports and view only the information you want to know.

What Features Should I Consider?

When choosing the right GPS fleet-tracking software for your restaurant, you need to consider what features matter most to you. Some applications provide a handful of safety options to ensure your driver is safe at all times, while others may focus largely on the GPS location of your drivers, their routes, the amount of time they spend at stops, etc.

Time is money with your employees and you need to ensure your drivers are delivering your food items quickly but safely. Consider applications that provide detailed information about the driver’s routes and stops. These features can also ensure your employees are exactly where they say they are and not making unauthorized stops.

Additionally, you could monitor many safety aspects of driving, including speeding, harsh braking and even if your driver is wearing a seat belt. 

You have enough going on when trying to run a business; small things, like the maintenance of your vehicles, can often go unnoticed. Luckily, many GPS fleet-tracking applications monitor the maintenance of your vehicles. This software can track fuel consumption and routine maintenance, such as when it is time to change the oil or rotate and align the tires.

What Factors Should I Be Wary Of?

Some GPS fleet-tracking applications are extremely user-friendly, while others are much more difficult to read and create reports from. Pay attention to the software’s interface before purchasing to ensure you won’t spend all your time figuring out the application. Be aware that when you install these products into your vehicles, you may be required to sign a contract and work with a company for a certain length of time. Many companies require a minimum of 36 months. However, other companies may offer month-to-month contracts.

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Other Considerations

While the features of many GPS fleet-tracking applications may be ideal, the overall cost may be unfavorable. Most companies will charge you a monthly fee for each vehicle you monitor. You may also be charged a one-time fee for the hardware in the vehicle. Some companies may waive that fee and just charge a higher monthly rate. Furthermore, some companies may charge you startup fees, installation fees and cancellation fees. Before you jump on board with any company, make sure you know exactly how much this will cost you and that there are no hidden charges.

GPS fleet-tracking software has many benefits and there are many options available. Just make sure you read the fine print and understand the fees and contract length before jumping too fast into the purchasing process.

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