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Hiring the Right Restaurant Manager editorial staff, writer
Mar 15, 2017
> Human Resources

These are the most important steps in finding the right manager.

Hiring the right restaurant manager is crucial to the success of your establishment. Your manager has to be detail- and schedule-oriented, yet flexible enough to handle any issues that come up.

Your manager should be able to work well with people, since they work hands-on with your staff and coordinate with vendors. They should also be able to work long or odd hours, which is a common demand of the restaurant industry. The following tips are good starting points for your search for a restaurant manager.

Define the Role
When you start looking for a manager, you need to define your expectations. Make a list of everything you are looking for in your restaurant manager and how these traits impact your business.

Make sure to note traits that are not as obviously desirable in a manager. For example, "good with people" is arguably one of the most important traits for a restaurant manager. However, other important traits like "able to make tough decisions" and "flexible under pressure" are often overlooked.

It is very important to create this list before you post a job description or begin your candidate search so that you can identify the perfect candidate.

Advertise the Job
Take your list of ideal traits and use it as your guideline for creating the job description. Make sure to clearly lay out what is expected of your restaurant manager. You cannot find the perfect candidate if you do not make it clear what you are looking for in a manager. 

Conduct Interviews
Before you hold any interviews, create a clear set of questions that involve real-life and hypothetical situations. You should also create a rubric where you can make notes about each candidate's answer and give them a score.

Ask them about a difficult situation from their time at a previous restaurant and how they handled it. Then create a possible scenario and ask what steps they would take in that situation. These questions will help you determine how a potential manager would handle him or herself in your establishment. Another good idea is to take candidates on a tour of your building and get feedback. This is a good reflection of how they express themselves.

Hire Your Manager!
Once the interviews are complete, it is time to make your final decision. If you prepared ahead of time by creating a clear list of traits and used a rubric during the interviews, it should be much easier to find the best manager to fill the role. You already know that the candidates who made it this far in the process have what you are looking for, and now you just have to check references and give someone the good news!

Your restaurant manager is a central piece of your business. Do not cut corners when you start your search. If you go through the process of defining the role and carefully grading candidates, you will find the best person to work at your business.

Image from baranq/Shutterstock editorial staff editorial staff
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