How to Market Your Restaurant / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: March 20, 2017

Here are a few ideas for marketing your restaurant.

You’ve decided to open a restaurant and everything is in its place. Now you need to find a way to bring in customers. Marketing is crucial for your business' success, especially in the early stages of your restaurant. Here are a few ideas for marketing your restaurant and how they will contribute to your company’s success.

Social Media

Social media marketing is becoming one of the fastest and most effective ways to promote your business. There are various approaches to take and tools you can utilize to make social media marketing a success. For example, you can take photos of menu items and share them on Instagram, tweet discounts and coupon codes on Twitter or post specials and giveaways on Facebook.

No matter what tools and networks you choose, it is crucial that you post content people want to share. Create events, hold promotions and feature giveaways on your social media pages that interest people and cause excitement and conversation. The key is to generate content that gets you liked, followed and shared.

Establish an Online Presence

Along with promoting heavily on social media, you also need a user-friendly and informative website. An intuitive website lets customers access your menu, read about specials or upcoming events and participate in any online promotions. Ordering items online can also attract customers to your website and provide them with a positive experience before stepping foot in your restaurant.

Establish a positive presence on Yelp, a popular online resource for individuals looking for a place to eat. Set up an account on Yelp and enter in your business details such as your location, store hours, a menu, special amenities, etc. Be proactive about this account and address any negative feedback you may receive about your company on it.

Use Traditional Advertising Resources

Sometimes the most basic advertising methods are the most successful. Place ads in your local newspaper or work with the local radio station to create a fun jingle. Go to large apartment complexes and place flyers with your menus and special coupons on each of the doors. You can even participate in mailer programs and have coupons and ads sent to all the residents in the city or town. However, before you go crazy with your advertising methods, make sure you can afford all of your marketing approaches.

Go Mobile

Most adults and teenagers have a mobile device they carry with them everywhere they go. Make these devices work for you. Create your own app where individuals can look at your menu, receive coupons and special discounts, and view nutritional information. Use this app to your advantage and reward users. When users feel like the mobile app benefits them, they are more likely to use it and come back to your restaurant.

With the right approach to marketing your restaurant, you can see revenue increase and create an established restaurant. The possibilities are endless.

Image from Syda Productions/Shutterstock

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