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Purchasing restaurant furniture for your dining areas requires some forethought in design, budget and space planning. After ...

Purchasing restaurant furniture for your dining areas requires some forethought in design, budget and space planning. After you’ve decided the size and shape of the tables you need and what your budget allows for commercial table tops, you’ll need to focus on design, which is where choosing from amongst the many options of restaurant table tops comes into play. When choosing table tops for your restaurant, consider:

1. Durability: If you use tablecloths, you may not require waterproof table tops. If not, choose commercial table tops that will stand up to frequent wipe downs and cleanings.
2. Materials: Match table tops with the rest of your restaurant furniture.
3. Special features: Logo table tops let you display your style to customers. Or you may need materials that will hold up in the outdoors such as stone or metal.

Choose materials for your restaurant table tops

Table tops made from wood and wood veneers are common but may need to be refinished. Less expensive options include melamine or laminate restaurant table tops. For durability and minimal maintenance, choose aluminum, metal or granite table tops.

Customize your commercial table tops

Casual dining restaurants that don't use table cloths may want to opt for customized logo table tops that embed your logo into the tabletop.

Get creative with themed table tops

Your restaurant furniture gives you the chance to be creative. Theme restaurants, such as sports bars, can choose from restaurant table tops that are imprinted with artwork that fits the ambiance of the dining room.

Tile and mosaic table tops are ideal for Mexican restaurants

Mexican restaurants can utilize artisan designs from Mexico by purchasing restaurant table tops that feature stone mosaics or hand painted tiles.

Commercial table tops to fit in your restaurant booths

Some table tops are made especially for booths and either attach directly to the wall or are mounted from the floor on a table base.
  • Always use the table bases that are recommended for the restaurant table tops you've purchased. If your table tops come with a warranty, it will likely require that you use the manufacturer's suggested table bases.
  • If you choose wood or veneer table tops, ask if they have been finished with waterproof lacquer. Most commercial table tops are made to stand up to water rings.
  • Before you purchase table tops, decide if you'll use table bases or legs for installation.

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