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RFID readers, or RFID tag readers, read data on small tags or labels using a technology called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). ...

RFID readers, or RFID tag readers, read data on small tags or labels using a technology called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Also called a RFID chip reader, the reader collects an identifying number and other information from each item it reads without touching the item or even being in a line of sight with it. There are many uses, but merchants mostly use a RFID tag reader for inventory and asset tracking or authentication.

Types of RFID readers, also called interrogators, include:

1. Bistatic readers with two antennas send information to tags with one antenna and receive information from the tags with the other;

2. Intelligent readers filter the data collected (as opposed to a "dumb" reader that just collects data) and organize the information in a way that's useful to you;

3. And agile readers, which read more than one frequency or can read different types of transponders.

Implement RFID in your business with help from sellers of RFID Systems

Industrial RFID readers assist businesses in tracking inventory in the supply chain, which allows a warehouse foreman to know when to expect a shipment. Make sure high-value products are authentic and not a fraudulent imitation by reading the information stored in the product's RFID tag.

Buy fixed RFID Readers that read from one location

You use RFID technology with a fixed reader if you have a card in your car that automatically records when you pass through tollbooths. Wireless RFID readers connected to your computer network transmit the data they read immediately to the rest of your system. With this technology, cash registers can connect to a fixed RFID reader that scans the contents of a shopping cart while it's still loaded.

Find mobile or handheld RFID readers and scanners online

Warehouse workers check inventory using handheld RFID readers while walking around a warehouse. Automatically mark pallets with RFID and record the location where you store it.
  • The range of a handheld RFID reader is usually shorter than that of a fixed reader. Carefully consider the type of antenna a reader uses, since it affects the range of the reader.

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