The Rise of Visual Marketing / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Visual Marketing: visual media has been on the rise in the marketing industry. Any campaign is going to rely on graphics and videos to...

Something interesting has taken place over the last couple of years. Content has taken on a new meaning, and where it was once understood to primarily mean text based information, it has stretched to touch every medium available.

Video, images, comics, infographics, even social media updates... these are all considered content. But more importantly, each is used in the process of marketing, and all are crucial elements that need to be exploited for a well rounded campaign.

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In particular, visual media has been on the rise in the marketing industry. You can be certain that any campaign is going to rely heavily on graphics and videos to produce viral content, as well as every day attractions for visitors.

Anyone who is looking to see gains in their marketing strategy can benefit from visual media. Here are some tips on implementing visual marketing into your regular content.

Go Visual With Your Social Networks

Visual Marketing

One of the most important areas to apply visuals is going to be social media. Facebook covers, regular image status updates, Twitter photos, Pinterest...whether it is a picture or a video, you should be posting it on these sources regularly. As much as possible this should be original content, but most of it won't. Reposting from other pages is a good way to grab follower's attention. Another interesting option is to create graphics for your page.

Tip: Tools like Haiku Deck and Quotes Cover are great for that, and are quick to use. This tool is a great one for creating Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, etc covers.

Make Easily Shareable Visuals

Haiku Deck. Easily Shareable Visuals

When you do make original content, you want to make sure it is as primed for sharing as it can be. Part of this has to do with quality, and the higher quality of the visual the more likely it will be to go viral. Another factor is the topic, and anything that is a hot topic in your industry will bring some attention to your visual media. But another part of it is the type of media you use.

A simple picture with text is less likely to get noticed when pitted against a video, for example. Infographics are a great option, as it will hold wide appeal for different networks like Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and also the basic platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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Think Of Background Imagery

Background Imagery

Visual media in marketing isn't just about what you put out there. It is also about what remains a constant, such as your business website, Timeline cover, or Twitter background. Having an attractive and relevant image for all three can make all the difference.

The same applies to the look of your business logo, and any other graphics that will be associated with your brand. Be careful about what you use, even if it is as simple as a header photo for a blog post, or your site's layout. Marketing is all about building an image, so make sure you are building the right one and creating a positive association in the minds of your customers.


One of my favorite, succinct quotes about the importance of visuals in industries like social media and marketing came from Detavio Samuals of Global Hue. He said that using pictures is "a way of communicating lots of information quickly and succinctly. The need for publishers to get to the point quicker than ever came about as humans became more pressed for time and content became more infinite."

But I think this doesn't just apply to pictures. It can be said about any form of visual media, from cartoons to videos, to text visuals of quotes and interactive animations. He speaks about publishers having to adapt to the changing needs of their audience in the digital world, and as marketers we have to go the extra mile to not just adapt but stay ahead of the trends.

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Through focusing on visual media and the unique ways it can be applied to campaigns, we are making sure to remain on top of the game. So next time you are planning out your strategy, ask yourself: am I applying enough visual content to the task? The answer is going to be that you can always add in a little more. Always.

Image Credits: marketing, background.

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