Build Your Site for Success: Rookie SEO Mistakes To Avoid / Business Intelligence / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Once you know what the common SEO pitfalls are, they’ll be easy to avoid.

You might think that SEO is simple, but it isn’t. SEO is quite a complex process of marketing and promoting your company online.

If you make mistakes, then you’ll quickly find that your SEO campaign either isn’t very effective or completely fails.

That’s why you need to avoid the pitfalls we’re going to layout for you. 

Broken Links

There are two reasons to link to content on your site. You can use links to send users where you want them to go. They might start off looking at a piece of content about new tech and after a link, they are off to go buy a new piece of tech from your store. Links are also beneficial because used appropriately, they will boost your SEO campaign. The worst thing that you can do is leave a broken link on your site.

A broken link will occur when a site that you have linked to is no longer active. Or, if that page has been taken down and removed. As such, you should regularly be checking that links you have used are active. A broken link looks unprofessional and has no purpose for being on your site even if it will not impact your rankings.

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Stuffing a Site With Rubbish Content

It is crucial that you have high standards for the content that you publish on your site. Be particularly cautious of this issue if you are using outsourcing companies for content. Make sure that you check it before posting. You may want to write a list of guidelines that contributors can use before they post to your site. Stacking a site with poor content will boost your website ranking temporarily.

Eventually, it will earn you another penalty from Google. Don’t forget that content does not have to be poorly written to be classed as rubbish. It might be beautifully written or designed and yet it may not be relevant to the overall genre of your site.


Plagiarism is one of the biggest mistakes you can make during an SEO campaign. Using copy stolen from another website is not worth the risk nor the punishment. This is not just illegal; it’s frowned upon by Google and in many ways, that’s more damaging. You might bounce back from a fine but Google will put you so far down the search rankings, your company might as well not exist. A Google penalty recovery is hard work, and when it’s due to copyright, it becomes almost impossible.

If you do need content, there are ways to get Copyscape proof quality articles online. The best way to do this is by searching the indexes for shutdown sites. As these sites are not on Google indexes, the content is completely copyright free. You can often use it legally (check terms and conditions) and better yet, choose the content that has seen the most results. You can do this by examining what content has the most backlinks.

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Focusing on One Area

Rookie business owners and marketers make the mistake of thinking SEO is one thing. Skilled marketers know that SEO is just an umbrella term that includes everything from content to keywords and social media. You should never focus on one form of SEO. Instead, you need to work and build up a collective and connected SEO campaign. For instance, you can make sure that your site is properly optimized for keywords and internal links.

This might cause the ranking of the site to rise slightly. However, it almost certainly, won’t be enough to get you on page one of the SERPs. To do that, you need to write appealing content that others will find worthwhile and want to recommend. You then have to share this through your social networks. You might also want to run an AdWord campaign to strengthen your promotion possibilities. You could also set up a blog to give consumers fresh information about your company. It is important that you expand your profile online as much as you can. Only then, will you see success with your SEO strategy.

Boring, Bland Titles

If you want to look at how to create titles the wrong way, look at any random blog. These are owned by people who have no idea how to write a catchy headline. If you want to know the right way, look at news websites. They make a living out of writing click-bait article headlines. Articles that customers and users cannot help but click on because they are desperate to know the information.

Cinemablend is brilliant at this with article titles such as "Another Simpsons Movie? Here’s What Al Jean Has To Say." It tells you what the article is about without giving you all the information. These are the type of article titles that you need on your site if you want your SEO to generate traffic.

Repeating Yourself Constantly

Have you ever read an article online and received deja vu? The writer has been posting the same point repeatedly all the way down. This is just a bad example of packing content full of keywords. If you do it right, the reader won’t notice. However, Google certainly will and yes, you’ll probably get yet another penalty. That’s why you should avoid repeating points in your content. Instead, make sure that you have a plan for any content that you post. Then, you can avoid repeating yourself, even by accident.

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No Mobile Support

Finally, don’t forget that on average people look at their phones around 100 times each day. That’s a lot of marketing potential you’ll be missing out on if your site isn’t mobile responsive. As such, it’s worth spending a little extra cash to make sure you have this type of design. If you don’t think this is important, consider how much you use your laptop when you’re not working. Now, think about how much you use your phone or tablet. See what we mean? 

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be able to create a winning SEO campaign that will keep you ahead of the competition.

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