Round Up: The Best Content Marketing Campaigns and Why They Worked / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Looking for inspiration for your next content marketing campaign? Look no further! Here are the best use cases we've seen.

Looking for some inspiration for your next content marketing campaign?

Curious what industry leaders and influencers are doing with their content? 

Prepare to be inspired! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the heavy-hitters in B2B content, video, customer outreach and much more. 

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HubSpot – the Undisputed Masters of Inbound Marketing

These days, you can’t even mention “inbound marketing” without mentioning HubSpot in the same breath.  With over 120,000 followers on LinkedIn alone, they have no shortage of customers-turned-brand-advocates. Their content marketing campaigns often center around the very things that made them such a dominating presence in the marketing field: the content itself.

HubSpot is known for putting out well-researched, valid and proven points using their own platform as the driving force behind the data.  And their content marketing campaigns waste no time letting fellow marketers know this.  For example, right now the big focus is on their State of Inbound Marketing report:

Hubspot on LinkedIn page

Now in its 7th year, the report has become something of an anticipatory must-have in marketing and sales circles, and many companies plot out their next strategies and campaigns with this data in mind. When you can leverage your own platform and data into shifting the mindsets of marketers at every level, you’re onto a winning formula.

Adobe – Making the Customer Relationship Your Biggest Selling Point

If you check out Adobe’s Conversations blog, you’ll notice one thing right from the start.  Although this particular blog is “a one-stop information and conversation destination for virtually anyone interested in what’s going on at Adobe”, there’s one very real piece missing from many conversations:

The mention of Adobe’s products.

Instead, you’ll see outreach stories.  Stories about taking a stand against bullying and about bringing students from far-flung reaches of the world together in a singular creative purpose. The focus is not about how they used Photoshop or Premiere to do those things, but rather how the process itself impacted their lives and the lives of those around them.

Adobe's Conversations Blog

Sometimes, your product or service can make such an impactful difference in a community or a life, that it becomes an integral part of it. And that’s the best kind of content marketing – content that doesn’t even need marketing to be shared.

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GE – Leveraging the Full Flexibility of a Variety of Platforms

GE is everywhere – in the air, in our homes, and in our labs. With so many diverse products, how do they keep it all together?  They do it by leveraging the flexibility of many different social platforms. From introducing Buzz Aldrin to younger users via Snapchat (and commemorating GE’s involvement in the moon landing) to advances in airplane technology on Instagram and much more, GE isn’t just wrangling its content marketing – it’s turning it into (no surprise here), a well-oiled machine:

GE's turboprop business page

GE’s content marketing makes their technology more accessible, their initiatives more social, and their missions more personal. Most content marketing initiatives can only concentrate on one of these things, but a behemoth like GE has figured out the formula to making each one work flawlessly and tirelessly to continually position them as a front-of-mind brand in every industry they participate in.

That and their content is downright fun and informative to share.

FireRock – Leveraging Visual Content for Greater Opportunities

FireRock, a company that makes pre-engineered masonry pieces, isn’t exactly a veteran when it comes to content marketing with lasting impact.  But they’ve got one of the best B2B optimized Pinterest accounts out there.

Many companies selling products will naturally take individual images and showcase them along with some broad ideas for their use.  FireRock went one step ahead and showed their product as part of outdoor fireplace ideas.  Since their target audience actively looks for renovation and redesign, it was only natural that FireRocks would help spur along the idea brainstorming process with gorgeous, high quality, pin-ready images.


But they didn’t stop there. They also tagged their images geographically, so someone looking for outdoor fire pit ideas in the northeastern U.S. would get design ideas more suited to their landscape than someone in the southwest looking for paver stones for their patio.

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Recently, FireRock also partnered with real estate content marketing mogul Houzz to deliver their share-able, save-able inspirations through Houzz’s established marketing channels. FireRock is advancing content marketing in all the right ways – showing that you can take what might ordinarily be viewed as a bland, uninteresting product, and truly make it pop with your audience.

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