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So you took the plunge and decided to follow your dream and start your own business. But how do you attract an audience? The answer...

So you took the plunge and decided to follow your dream and start your own business.

But how do you attract an audience? The answer is simple, organize a promotional event.

The very thought of running your first promotional event can be a little daunting, but the rewards could be well worth it if it is done right and with your audience in mind. Here are some things to remember when organizing an event.

The 5 keys to executing an exciting promotional event are:

  • Think from your audiences P.O.V.
  • Developing a plan.
  • Involving your team.
  • Contact the media.
  • Make plans for your next promotional event.

See your Event through your Audiences Perspective

It is sometimes easy, when planning a promotional event, to forget to think about what you are planning through your customer's eyes. Try to think: what would excite them? What would draw you to a business's promotional event? Don't think about your budget at this stage that will come later.

This is the time to brainstorm and really try to come up with the best ideas you can that you would want to see if you were a potential customer! If you try to always think about your audience's wants and needs you will not only have an exciting promotional event, but a successful business!

Developing a Plan

You developed a plan when you decided you wanted to open a business and promoting it requires that same line of thinking! Now that you have had time to really understand what your customer wants, ask yourself if it is doable. Cross off the items that are totally out of your reach and make plans and goals for how to achieve what is. If you decide you want some event attractions like a popcorn machine, money booths, or prize wheels get in contact with the right people to make it happen! Have an organized task list so you can be ready on your event date.

Involving Your Team

No one can run an event by themselves, and if you try to you will most likely be overwhelmed. If at this stage you do not have team members look into hiring help even if it is just for the day.

You want everything to run smoothly, you don't want to aggravate the people coming to see your promotional event by having them standing around and waiting because you are understaffed. That is a sure fire way to lose business. You want to make sure you have some people that can be there on your event day to help you make sure you can reach out to every potential customer.

Building a team and making sure they are all actively involved will not only alleviate the pressure on you, but it will most definitely ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Contact the Media

Everything is planned out, now how do you get people to come?

The number one way to get people to show up is... you guessed it, advertising. Make it known that you are planning a promotional event. Print up flyers; take an ad out in your local newspaper. A sure way to draw crowds is by holding a contest or offering some sort of prize. Call up your local news networks, radio stations, businesses and see if they will help you out.

Make Plans for your Next Promotional Event

Before your promotional event date passes make plans for your next one and make sure you tell all of your attendees when it will be. That way you may be able to have a guaranteed crowd base for your next event. Try to tie them both together, have a contest that day and have them come back to see the results.

Lastly, try to think of ways to retain your audience's attention and get them to come back again.

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Shannon Martin is a writer for TradeShowMarketing.Com, an authority for online information on all things trade show business. She lives in Palm Coast, Florida.

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