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Publications for marketing are gearing much of their content toward Internet marketing alternatives and online consumer habits. Look ...

Publications for marketing are gearing much of their content toward Internet marketing alternatives and online consumer habits. Look for sales publications that will give you specific instruction and tips that will prove valuable to your sales team and steer away from the newsletters that are driven by marketing firms with an agenda of their own.

Read marketing journals that can keep you updated with news and information that is specific to your company and that provide news about the kinds of ad campaigns that are coming out of your competitors' organizations. Subscribe to marketing periodicals to learn of the latest trends you may not have seen yet and to follow the markets for your products and services. Look for sales and marketing publications news and trends in a variety of formats.

1. Follow the new works of authors of marketing books

2. Ask your staff to read marketing and sales publications

3. Learn about new marketing magazines through your trade group

Get regular publications for marketing online

Use email blasts and automated newsletters to get marketing and sales publications from resources that you know will send you news that's important to your business. Some publications focus on executive coaching to increase sales acumen while others will keep you informed of market trends. Spend your valuable reading time with sales training publications that you can put to use in your business to increase your sales.

Read together as a marketing team from the latest publications for sales

Read articles on marketing and sales news that cover the industry in detail. Include your team in the search for news and updates that could be vital to your operations. Make information gathering from magazines on marketing IT products and sales analysis an important part of your operation.

Join groups that provide marketing publications as a member benefit

Most trade associations produce valuable industry-specific sales publications that they know will affect your business because marketing industry professionals run the groups and have the same vested interest in the latest news. Get involved with your trade association, and take advantage of the group's marketing and sales publications.

  • Ask your peers what new business marketing publications they are reading and try them out. Most publications will provide a free trial sample before you need to subscribe.

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