Sales Leadership: 6 Steps to Becoming an Effective Sales Leader / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

What criteria must a sales leader employ in order to create and maintain success? Here are the tools you need to lead effectively.

A good sales leader is a confident and assertive mentor and friend.

He or she is charged with responsibly managing a group of sales representatives and increases performance.

It doesn’t matter if the product and services offered are the best in the world if there is not an effective sales leader to make sure that the sales and process of the sales team does not excel in performance.

There a few criteria that a sales leader must employ in order to create and maintain an excellent sales team.

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Hiring the Right Team

Before you can help your team succeed in sales, you must hire and train the right candidates. When a person comes in to interview for your position, they must meet a certain set of criteria for the dream sales team you are trying to build. Previous sales experience is a plus, but is not always necessary if they meet all other mandatory requirement.

They must present themselves professionally in everything from the way they dress to the manner they speak in. They must show excellent speaking ability and be able to perform an example sales call.

Make sure you know what to look for in a job applicant, or work with an executive sales recruiting expert that specializes in recruiting top sales performers. Putting together the right team for you to lead is going to set the framework for your future success.

Motivate and Reward

Part of your job as a sales leader and sales coach expert is to inspire, motivate and reward your team. Every day, you will need to get your team motivated for the day and inspire them to perform at their best.

There are many ways to do this and you may need to try a few different tactics such as morning meetings, business lunches or end of the day reviews. It has been proven that when employees are offered incentives they perform better at their job.

Try engaging your team in one on one sales coaching or training to show them that you value their committment to the organization and want them to succeed. Allow them to leave an hour early or give them a gift card to their favoirte store/restaraunt for excellent performance.

If they aren’t impressed with your first incentive, you could experiment with a few other rewards until there is a reasonable balance of rewards, capability and improvement.

Assign and Delegate

As a good sales leader, you constantly need to be goal orientated so that you can motivate and reward when goals are met and/or exceeded. Every sales team has a quota or expectation they need to meet.

You will need to delegate certain tasks and assign work properly so that your team can meet these quotas/goals efficiently and easily. Work with a professional sales coach or sales trainer if you need assistance clarifying roles and expectations for each member of your team. 

Lead by Example

As a sales coach and leader, you will need to be able to make decisions that benefit the entire team. You will be faced with tough choices and decisions on a daily basis. These decisions will have repercussions that effect yourself, your team, and the entire organization.

A good leader is responsible and can think and problem solve quickly while communicating the solution to specified team members clearly.

For instance, you may be told that your team needs to be reduced by two people based on budget cuts in the company and your supervisor needs your decision by the end of the week. You may be attached to your team and the choice will be one that is not easy to make.

You will have to look inside yourself and at each individual team member’s performance and make the best decision you can for the company and remaining team members. Maybe you can come up with another solution! 

Confidence and Trust

You will need confidence in order to be a sales leader. You must show confidence in yourself and your team in order to excel. You will also need to let go of your need to micromanage your subordinates and show them that you trust them to perform on their own.

Once everyone on the team feels confident in themselves and that you trust them with responsibilities the entire team will perform better. Have confidence in your decisions, your actions, and your team’s ability.

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Filter Information Properly

As a sales leader, you will be bombarded with information on a daily basis. You will need to sort through all of this information and categorize it into different levels of priority. Top priority information is dealt with quickly, while lower priority information can be put lower on the list, but must not be forgotten.

You will have information and requests coming at you from superiors, clients, co-workers and more all the time. You need to manage, sort and make decisions regarding all of it.

Your supervisors are going to have requests that range from changing the arrangement of the team seating to laying people off. Your team will have requests for days off, schedule changes, or employee tensions.

You need to be able to effectively and efficiently sort through everything.

Time management and delegation skills are critical to your success. Consider enrolling in critical thinking and problem-solving courses to come up with new solutions to your daily problems as a sales leader.

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