Sales Steps Up:'s First Sales Summit / Entrepreneurship / Last Modified: February 22, 2017 held a Sales and Performance Marketing Summit. We brought together the two teams to share, collaborate and learn with one...

Over the past two days, held a Sales and Performance Marketing Summit. The first of its kind here at, we wanted to bring together our sales and performance marketing teams to learn from each other by sharing internal case studies, conducting sales training, reviewing our suite of performance marketing products, and learning about new products. We're focused on learning, from internal and external sources, and this summit provided the entire company with greater insight into success, setbacks and steps to take to move forward.

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Throughout the course of the summit, our sales and performance marketing team members lead sessions and gave presentations, each contributing to the summit's overall success. Here's what some of the leaders, sales team and performance marketing managers had to say.

Leadership Learns

Summits and training sessions don't just provide employees with the opportunity to grow. These types of events within a company allow those in leadership and management roles to deepen their connections with those they may not work with closely on a regular basis. Summits allow leaders within growing organizations to see, evaluate and help find solutions for problems their teams are encountering.

  • "Even with advanced technology-fueled capabilities, it's our relationships with our customers that we and they value the most." -- Tony Uphoff, CEO

Uphoff also notes that making sure's sales reps and performance marketing managers are well-versed on best practices in digital and performance marketing is essential. This summit is one way we can ensure they are. According to Uphoff, is "an extension of our customers marketing departments" and we need to always aspire to exceed their expectations.

  • "The first quarterly sales summit was, in my estimate, a very good use of resources that will pay dividends in the months to come. There was a lot of sharing on products, how to overcome objections, what is being heard on the front lines and just a lot of positive reinforcement on the direction and strategy the company is taking." - Dan Bailey, Strategic Account Director

Sessions like this are only successful when they pay off in the short-term and long-term in terms of efficiency, morale, and increased sales. As Bailey points out, the sharing of product information and overcoming objections is what sales teams need to be more successful and those insights were delivered at this summit.

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Sales Steps Up

During the summit, different teams from sales came together to present some big successes and share tips with others about overcoming obstacles they might encounter, such as when selling to agencies. Here's what two of our Regional Sales Managers had to say about the experience:

  • "It was great to get off the phones for a day and really hear everyone's opinion on the suite of products we offer and how we could better ourselves when reaching out to potential clients. After everyone presented, we all realized every single person brought up relationships and how crucial it is to have a solid, established relationship with the marketers we work with." -- Colin Seymour
  • "The main takeaway for me was about how to position and sell the new products we have added to our business display and content marketing. The collaboration was AWESOME!" -- Ryan Kaplan

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If your sales team feels motivated, more informed and more prepared to close sales when leaving a summit, you'll know that the efforts and resources that were put in were well worth it. These types of events bring teams closer together, open the lines of communication and can drive a business towards greater success. Overall, our first Sales and Performance Marketing Summit was a success and is something we'll continue each quarter. Stay tuned for takeaways of the next Sales and Performance Marketing Summit!

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