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Salt has a reputation for being an unhealthy part of cooking and eating, but salt in and of itself isn't "bad." In fact, ...

Salt has a reputation for being an unhealthy part of cooking and eating, but salt in and of itself isn't "bad." In fact, salt is an essential nutrient that is only 40% sodium. All salts originally come from the ocean, but some salt mines are now on dry land. Still, you'll find many salt products labeled "sea salt," meaning they come directly from current oceans. Generally, coarse salts are used in cooking, while finer salts are used for sprinkling on cooked food. Fine salts are also usually used in baking because they dissolve more evenly.

There's a huge variety of salts to choose from, and a large number of sea salt distributors. Choosing the right salt and salt distributor is an important part of making your food business exceptional. The right salt will delight your customers and make them come back for more. When choosing salts for your restaurant or other food business, follow these steps:

1. Determine which types of salt best suit your business' food.

2. Research spiced, specialty and sea salt distributors.

3. Buy specialty, spiced and sea salt wholesale.

Purchase high quality sea salt

So-called sea salt is created by evaporating sea water. This sort of salt usually has trace minerals, including magnesium, iodine and potassium. These minerals give sea salt a lighter, more fresh flavor than standard table salt.

Find seasoned varieties through a salt distributor

Gourmet sea salt manufacturing allows you and your employees to add high flavor to your business' dishes. Seasoned salts vary widely according to the imagination and genius of their creator, but often-found flavors include garlic and herbed salts.

Treat your customers to Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is growing in popularity. As its name suggests, it comes from the foothills of the Himalayas and was originally a marine fossil. Himalayan salt gets its pink color from its natural iron. It is used either raw or for cooking and is sure to please your customers.

  • You or your chefs can use salt in many unconventional ways. Use a little salt to make whipped eggs more fluffy, to make milk or egg whites whip faster and to keep lettuce and spinach more crisp.

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